Build confidence, perseverance and a love (or at least a strong like) for math! Classbloom Mathematics includes K-8 problem-solving activities to help students develop reasoning skills and improve math communication while interacting with technology they'll love.

Foster Productive Struggle

Problem-solving Activities to Support Your Teaching Style

What's your teaching style? Whole class, small groups, using a mix of technology? Our math activities work with your lesson plans. Classbloom math problems are designed for you to go deeper into math concepts with your students. Once your students master these problems, you'll have no doubt that they're ready for the problems they'll see on their high-stakes test. 

Differentiated to Meet Every Learning Level

Each lesson includes problems presenting the same grade level standard at three levels of difficulty. Yes, we've done that work for you! 

The problems are differentiated in a variety of ways, including:

  • Magnitude of numbers used
  • Number of steps required to solve the problem
  • Visual supports provided to the student
  • Level of expectation for required communication of understanding
Differentiated to Meet Every Learning Level
Foster Productive Struggle

Foster Productive Struggle

Help students reach deeper levels of conceptual understanding with Investigative problems. These critique and precision activities require that students analyze and critique sample work, defend their choices and evaluate errors. Assign problems for group work and you'll be amazed by the math conversations as students discuss which answer is correct and why! 

Visible Mathematical Thinking

Students choose from a variety of digital tools to demonstrate their thought process and solving strategies. Gain real-time insight into their math thinking. Which tools are they using to solve? Did they access hints? View students' work as it's happening. 

Scaffold math communication by having them record their explanations, draw their solving method and snap a pic, or type explanations.

Digital tools include:

  • Student Hints - Access up to three hints while solving the problem
  • Audio Support - Read aloud capability
  • Audio Recording - Record thought process, questions and explanations
  • Attach an Image - Attach a drawing or work the problem and snap a pic
  • Digital manipulatives to solve problems
Foster Productive Struggle

Resources to Guide Rather than Direct Students

Walking that balance of guiding students to the right answer rather than telling them can be a challenge. Classbloom mathematics includes resources to help foster productive struggle.

Each activity includes:

  • The state standard and math practice standard addressed
  • Common misconceptions
  • Recommended manipulatives
  • Guiding talking points and suggested responses
  • DOK level
  • Real-time review and grading
  • Continuous communication feed between you and your students

Our Customers Love It!

I thought I was looking for the unicorn, digital lessons aligned to my standards that get my kids excited to learn. Classbloom met my high expectations and didn’t require me to sit at a training for hours before I could use it. My students and I were able to dive right in.

Amanda Tulgetske
Mountain Home School District

The reading and math lessons prepare my students for what they will see on their high stakes test. Not only are the problems similar, but they have a variety of tools to solve them. Students have to explain their thinking and do error analysis. That’s so valuable!

Jennifer Geyer
Gwinnett County Schools

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