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 White Papers

Lesson Planning with Rigor

What does rigor really mean? What does a rigorous classroom look like? How can you provide rigor for your students? It may be the most used word in the world of education today, but few educators truly understand how to introduce rigor in the context of learning.

You're 1:1... Now What?

You've just had hundreds of devices delivered. Now you're wondering how to make the best use of them. Infrastructure, teacher training, high-quality content, and security are all important considerations. Download this whitepaper to ensure you've considered all of these issues and more when rolling out your 1:1.

 Research Papers

Technology Drives Student Success at Alternative Education Center

Anytime a school can boost its students’ performance with the use of technology tools that require no additional manpower or instruction, it’s a victory. That’s exactly what happened recently at the John T. Simpson Alternative Center for Education in Easley, SC.

Rhode Island Education Adequacy Study

Research was conducted to determine what fiscal adequacy ranges that the state of Rhode Island should consider in order to provide every child in the state with an adequate opportunity to meet high educational standards.

Design and Validity of Summative Benchmark Assessments

Classworks Summative Benchmark assessments monitor student achievement of grade-level progress during the course of the school year and assess outcomes at the conclusion of the year.

The Effects of Classworks in the Classroom

The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in the classroom. Classworks increased student achievement in math and impacted teachers’ attitude toward computer-assisted instruction.

Effective Programs in Elementary Mathematics: A Best-Evidence Synthesis

A peer review of research conducted by Johns Hopkins University. This article reviews research on the achievement outcomes of computer-assisted instruction to improve elementary mathematics.

The Instructional Design and Implementation of Classworks

A research study evaluating Classworks instructional design, conducted by Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD), Inc., an independent educational technology consulting firm.

Assessment of the Classworks Curriculum

Research conducted by The University of Oregan Institute for the Development of Educational Achievement. Using “A Consumer’s Guide to Evaluating a Core Reading Program Grades K-3: A Critical Elements Analysis."

Classworks: A Research-Proven Solution

Sound instructional design and best practices in education are the basis for Classworks. Independent studies and curriculum reviews confirm the research-proven design underlying Classworks structure.

Technology Helps Turn Around Struggling Students in Florida School

Published in The Journal -- A case study showing how one Florida district successfully used Classworks to support struggling students.

Shaping School A High School Reaps the Benefits of Individualized Student Support Services

Peer reviewed article published by Principal Leadership Magazine (copyright 2010 NASSP) about the effects of Classworks Individualized Learning on a Mississippi high school.

Research Basis for the Classworks Tiered Instructional Model

This research paper explains Classworks Tiered Instructional Model, a program encompassing instruction, instructional intervention, and assessment for each phase of a Response to Intervention or Instruction (RtI) process.

Technology in Education: Key to College and Career Readiness

Dr. DeAnna Owens, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education at the University of Memphis, provides research on the effectiveness of implementing Classworks to close the achievement gap, ensuring learning at a deeper level, and supporting teachers.

Validity and Reliability of Classworks Universal Screeners

Classworks Universal Screeners measurereadiness for grade-level instruction, identify baseline learning levels, and measure growth. The assessments have been evaluated by the National Center for Response to Intervention (NCRTI), and they received the highest reliability ranking.

Differences in Math Achievement: Utilizing Supplemental Computer-Based Instruction and Traditional Instruction

This study investigates the impact of adaptive learning, research-based methods and sound pedagogy on mathematics achievement on Georgia’s high stakes test.

Development Rationale of Classworks Applied Mathematics

To support educators with the shifts in math teaching, Classworks developed math problem-solving activities for grades K-8. Activities are designed to build conceptual understanding and facilitate productive struggle.

Design and Structure of Classworks Integrated Reading Instruction

Classworks Integrated Reading is designed to help students reach high levels of reading, writing, and communication achievement. Read the rationale behind development of these rigorous reading activities.

Integrated Reading Effectiveness Study Overview

During the 2014-2015 school year, SEG Measurement, an independent research organization, conducted an efficacy study of the ClassworksIntegrated Reading Activities. A link to the full study is included in the overview.

Evidence-Based Effectiveness Studies

This compilation includes three complete studies that explore the effectiveness of Classworks Individualized Learning.

Applied Mathematics Effectiveness Study 2016 Overview

In the Spring of 2016 Classworks conducted a study about the effectiveness of newly released Applied Mathematics. The data was analyzed in its entirety.