Announcing the All-Star Contest 2020!

November 5, 2020

It’s that time of year again! Students, start your engines and get ready to roll!

From now until March 31st, 2021, we’ll be tracking the 500 students nationwide with the highest time-on-task and greater than 80% mastery.
At the end of the contest, these students will be sent awesome prizes for their hard work!

How can you help your students win? 

1. Set Expectations for Students

Before students login and get to work, it’s important to communicate your expectations. Students should know how to log in, which assignments to complete, and how long they should spend working in Classworks each day. If students are new to using Classworks this year, be sure they’ve seen these videos: 

Pulling families into the conversation can also ensure that students remain on task and goals are being met. Include details about your plan for students in your weekly emails, and be sure to stress why it’s important to do their best.

2. Build in designated Classworks time

One trend we’ve noticed year after year is that the schools with specific Classworks time built into their weekly schedules are always on the list. Teachers can have students work during daily intervention blocks, extended learning time, study halls, or breakfast clubs. This year many districts who have hybrid and virtual learning schedules have one day a week dedicated to students closing gaps and receiving added support. That’s a perfect day to incorporate Classworks!

Since Classworks is web-based, students can login anytime, anywhere! Teachers can easily assign Classworks for homework or for remote digital work to help students close gaps and win big this year.

3. Pull Classworks instruction into your LMS

If your students are familiar with accessing their schoolwork using a learning management system like Schoology or Google Classroom, we’ve got good news for you! Classworks instruction can be pulled directly into your learning management system and easily accessed by students at any time. In some cases, you can search by standards and add Classworks instruction to your lessons without leaving your LMS! 

Having a familiar format and multiple ways to complete assignments makes it easy for students to rack up their time-on-task. It’s also a great way to ensure your students are all receiving the same quality of content whether learning in-school or remotely. To learn how to added Classworks instruction into your Learning Management System, here are some resources: 

Tips to ramp up Mastery

The other half of the All-Star Contest is making sure your students are meeting the 80% mastery threshold. Why 80%? Because our data tells us that mastery of 80% and above has the highest impact on student growth according to assessment data. Teachers can easily view students' total mastery and time on task scores in the Individualized Learning tab and also by clicking into a student’s active ILP. 

Try this to help students increase mastery: 

4. Model Lessons

Before students dive in, it’s always a great practice to model a particular set of activities or workflow for students. This way, students understand how a particular activity is meant to be completed or progressed through. This is also a good opportunity to restate expectations as well as demonstrate the correct ways to turn in assignments.

5. Monitor and Reassign

The All-Star Contest only counts the students with a mastery level above 80%, which is exactly what Classworks prescribes to users in order to show growth. Teachers can help students meet the mastery thresholds by reassigning activities that do not meet the 80% threshold and letting students try again. Teachers can see how long a student has taken on 

6. Conference with Students

Whenever a teacher reassigns an activity to a student in Classworks, it’s crucial to have follow-up with that student. Even if it’s just a quick one-on-one. If students are just being reassigned an activity without any direction, they may continue to struggle the second time around. 

Watch our Free Training on Monitoring & Motivating

Motivate and incentivize! 

Create your own All-Star mini-contests for your class or grade level. Check out this great post for some simple ways to inspire success among students.

We know our teachers are a creative bunch, and we want to celebrate that as well! If you’ve come up with a unique incentive or strategy for motivating students, tell us all about it. At the end of the contest, our pick for the most creative wins a $100 Amazon gift card!

Click here for official contest rules.

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