Build Confidence with the Right Preparation + Digital Lessons! 🌷

March 21, 2018

Happy spring! I write this as I’m all bundled up because, of course, March! But, bring on beautiful flowers, peeps (you either love them or hate them), and end of year testing - ah! 

You’ve been working hard with your students on achieving academic success all year. As you take the time to prepare them for some of the more difficult concepts on the tests, use your digital reading and math lessons for additional support.

“[The activities] really prepare them for the types of questions they’re going to be asked in their [end of year tests]. It has them explain their thinking and gives them lots of different digital tools to use to solve problems. The type of tasks they are asked to do on the test–explaining their thinking or doing an error analysis–are addressed in these activities.” Jennifer Geyer, third-grade teacher, Trip Elementary.

Here are a few ways teachers are using the activities to prepare students: 

  • Use the text-dependent questions to foster students’ ability to re-read and analyze text and find evidence to support their answer–skills they will need for success on the test. 
  • Assign an Expanding problem related to the standard being taught. The Expanding problems have higher DOK levels and help students build a deeper understanding of the concept and better math communication. 
  • Have students use the enhanced technology incorporated into the activities -- typing in constructed responses, using the highlighter and note tools, and using digital manipulatives. This type of practice will help students feel more comfortable with the online assessment. 

Add activities to your lesson plans that promote higher-order thinking, deep comprehension, and analysis of text (watch the videos below for more ideas). Students will feel confident with the right preparation and digital lessons that mirror the types of questions they’ll see!



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