Classworks Celebrates Educators this Fall!

November 22, 2021

National Principals Month and World Teachers Day Winners from Classworks

Round of applause to these remarkable leaders!


When asked to recall a fond childhood school memory, an impactful teacher or principal often comes to mind. From motivating us through challenging times to helping us discover our passions, educators play an essential role in our lives. While the last couple of school years have certainly had their own set of challenges, teachers and principals have shown just how vital and admirable their role is while swiftly pivoting and excelling. 

Here at Classworks, we love honoring the all-important role our teachers and principals play. With this in mind, we put out a call for nominations for National Principals Month and World Teachers Day, and the numerous entries we received were awe-inspiring (and often heart-warming)! 

While we wish we could honor all of the nominees, let's take a moment to hear from the peers who paid tribute to the winners.

National Principals Month Winners

Dr. Shanekia Williams, Ph.D.

Principal | Dougherty County School System, GA

Nominated by Dr. Lisa Lindley

Dr. Williams has a clear vision. She is a continuous learner and adapts new trends. Dr. Williams builds positive relationships with others. She builds exemplary leadership skills for others to follow, including staff and students. Her communication and critical thinking skills are amazing! She is great when it comes to problem-solving. Dr. Williams displays strong interpersonal skills. Students and teachers thrive under her leadership. She loves her staff and students. She loves to celebrate others.

 After learning about their award, Dr. Williams tearfully noted:

It's such an honor to work with such amazing people. With this school year being one like no other, this just gave me that extra push I needed to make it through.

Charles Locklear

Principal | Public Schools of Robeson County, NC

Multiple school-wide nominations (see just a sample of the submissions below)

  • Always working to improve our school and our students.
  • During these uncharted times, Mr. Charles Locklear has pushed the school forward positively by thinking 'outside the box' and being open to teachers and staff ideas. His creative ideas and teachers' and staff's ideas have provided an encouraging and exciting environment among students and staff. Mr. Locklear is a leader with a strong will to develop future leaders.
  • Mr. Charles is the type of principal who has not forgotten the teaching profession, he knows the struggles teachers face, and because of this, he fights for his teachers.
  • He has a genuine interest in his students and their ability to show progress and growth under the leadership and instruction of the classroom teacher.

World Teachers Day Winners

Tracy Alex

Kindergarten Teacher | Carlynton School District, PA

Nominated by Shannon Vitali

Mrs. Alex is always going above and beyond to help her students succeed. She takes time to build a positive rapport with them, advocates for their individual needs, and seeks out resources to make learning fun and meaningful. She never takes the easy way out because she knows that every group of students is unique and may need something completely different. When her students are in the classroom, Mrs. Alex always has a smile on her face, no matter what she is dealing with beyond the classroom. Her students (and their families) love her!

Christina Walker

Teacher | Hoke County Schools, NC

Nominated by Karen Notestine

She is the hardest working teacher there is. While working as a TA, she worked on her degree. As a new teacher, she worked on her master's. She drives a bus after school and sometimes before school. She also tutors after school and teaches summer school. She is our lead teacher in the building for teaching us how to use Classworks. She loves her students and school family.

Congrats to all of the winners. Your passion and leadership are admirable (and certainly appreciated by your peers), and for that, we are proud to have you a part of the Classworks team! We applaud you and your ongoing dedication

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