Classworks' Giving Page Projects are Fully Funded!

April 23, 2018
                                      🎉All projects on our giving page are fully funded! 🎉

We’ve been absolutely ecstatic to see the response to the Classworks Digital Learning Fund. Over the past several months we’ve received waves of pictures, thank-you notes, and letters from students. We could not have possibly asked for a better reply from our teachers, and we cherish each letter, card, and photograph we receive.

Perhaps the most exciting part is getting to see students excitement using their new technology - you just can’t beat the smiles! With a little help from Classworks, teachers across the nation have been able to give their classrooms the tech-makeover their students deserve. Chromebooks, tablets, headphones, mice - you name it! The Digital Learning Fund gives educators the chance to bring resources into their classrooms that may have been previously out-of-reach.

While company donations will resume in the next few months, we regularly advertise our page for private donations so it's never a bad idea to submit your project!

Remember, the Classworks Digital Learning Fund page is made possible by our friends at

If you’d like to submit a project, visit our landing page for instructions.

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