Classworks is Back and Better Than Ever!

November 5, 2018

We hope you’ve had an amazing summer! Ours was productive! Here’s a breakdown of the new things you have available in Classworks. 

Plus, attend one of our upcoming web events to hit the ground running with Classworks.

Improved Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs)

Classworks instructional units have been restructured to ensure a tighter alignment to skills and state standards. Students will not see duplicate activities in a unit of instruction. Classworks Universal Screener, Summative Benchmark, and ACT’s Aspire assessments now generate learning paths consisting of the new, tightly aligned units.

Coming in August: NWEA MAP, Scantron Performance Series, Renaissance STAR, and TX STAAR assessments will generate learning paths using the new units.

Create and Assign Instruction by State Standards

It’s now easier than ever for teachers to find and create instruction by state standards. We’ve taken our aligned instructional units and given you the ability to easily search by state standards and add them to lessons.

You can also search and add custom assessment items by state standards!  

The Instruction, Classes, and Assessment tabs within Classworks are now optimized to focus on creating assignments using state standards with the new and improved instructional units.

A New Look for Classworks Activities

You have access to over 100 redesigned activities, with more being added each month! As activities are updated they will automatically update in the system. The update will be seamless to you.

Why redesign? To give activities a modern look and feel, ensure they are responsive–adapting to your screen size, plus:

  • All activities are read aloud
  • Student hints are available  
  • Easy navigation within the instruction
  • Designed using HTML

Partners for Success

We’re here to make your school year easier! This year you have access to a brand new Classworks Knowledge Base and the ability to easily communicate with us via chat.

Upcoming Online Training

We’ve got you covered with upcoming web events to dive deeper into each of the new enhancements. 

Join our events:

Need a refresher on the Classworks enhancements added in the spring? Read this.

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