Congrats Digital Learning Award Winners! 🎉🏅

March 21, 2018

And the 2016 Classworks Digital Learning Grant winners are...

Kasey Liner, Chastain Road Elementary, Pickens County Schools, SC

"Classworks helps differentiate learning for each student and their individual needs. I love how Classworks can analyze strengths and weaknesses for each of my students. The program engages my students and they often complain when their sessions are over: “Just a few more minutes, Mrs. Liner?” Classworks helps me be an effective technology teacher that makes a difference! 
My goal is to have my classroom mimic the learning environment provided in flexible seating classrooms. I am excited about the possibility to increase student achievement with devices."

Robert Garcia, Crownover Middle School, Denton ISD, TX

"I have been using Classworks for over 5 years now, and each year it is my goal to improve and refine the use of it. Our students have demonstrated significant improvements through the use of Classworks. 
I partner with our reading teachers once a week to create collaborative lessons used to co-teach, and we use Classworks to reinforce these lessons. We divide up the Chromebooks from our school cart to review the Classworks lessons. We have the students demonstrate their knowledge through the quizzes and games. It has been a true team effort to coordinate and plan this endeavor. 
Our goal is to make sure that our students have the ability to use Classworks at least once a week...with a Classworks outdoor technology learning space."

Hector Baeza, C.A. Donehoo Elementary, Gadsden City Schools, AL

"Our intervention team utilizes Renaissance STAR reports to pinpoint the math and reading needs of students identified for Tier III support. The team has Classworks reading and math lessons available for students. Utilizing these lessons our team has been able to successfully narrow the gaps in our students learning. We have had amazing results moving students out of Tier III.
STAR scaled scores have increased between .7 to .9 year's growth in one semester for each grade level. We recently had one student jump 200 points in reading. We have one computer lab and almost each grade level has an iPad cart that they share. We need additional classroom computers. Students have been asking for more computer time so they can get on Classworks and continue to improve their STAR performance!"

The Digital Learning Award 

We launched the grant in 2015–$2,500 each to three teachers to purchase classroom technology–and we're thrilled about the overwhelming response! Thank you to all who submitted for sharing how you're using Classworks now and the innovation you have planned. Be sure to follow us on social media to find out when the application window opens for the 2017 Digital Learning Grant!

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