Congratulations to Our 2021 All-Star Students!

May 20, 2021

All-Star Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the hardworking students who increased their time-on-task and mastery! We'd like to give a very special congratulations to the 500 students with the highest time-on-task and greater than 80% mastery during the contest period! These students won a Classworks custom color changing water bottle!



All-Stars Writers! ✍🏽

This year we asked students to tell us how Classworks and their teachers helped them to succeed while learning remotely. All of the submissions were incredible, and we had such a hard time choosing a winner! Congratulations to Mrs. Diandra Johnson Ray’s 4th Grade class out of Douglas County, GA! Her students wrote so many awesome things showing just how much they were able to accomplish this year with Mrs. Johnson Ray and Classworks. Their class will receive a pizza party before the end of the school year! πŸ•πŸ₯³ Read on to hear what these All-Star students had to say!

This year was a great year but I could not have done it without my teacher and the amazing app Classworks. Without Classworks I wouldn't be able to read difficult words. Also without Classworks I would not be able to virtually learn this year. The teacher gives us Classworks to help us on the topic that we are learning. Teachers and Classworks are so helpful in everything. They have games, dictionary, notepad, and also a number line to make it even more fun for the kids learning.You can also see your progress and the badges that you get for working hard, trying your best, and growing.
- Braylen White

Classworks helped me by giving me the same work, because if I got it wrong first I'll have another time to re-try it and do it again.
- Lyric Mitchell

It's been really hard teaching us because we have been doing virtually this year. The teacher gives us Classworks to help us on a topic that we are doing. Classworks gets us ready for a test. The teacher helps when you don’t understand something. Classworks helps you understand what you need to know. Teachers and Classworks are so helpful in everything.
- Shivam Patel


Classworks helped me when I was in first grade and is still helping me now. Classworks helped me this year with learning new things. It is letting me read passages and answering the correct questions. But this year Classworks really helped me when I needed to compare and contrast. Last year I forgot a lot of things in third grade but Classworks helped me relearn that stuff. - Amaya Bennett


Teachers, Now it's YOUR Turn

Did your students receive Classworks water bottles for winning our All-Star Contest? Snap a pic of your students with their 2021 All-Star water bottles and share it on social media with #CWAllStar21. We'll be selecting 5 random teachers to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

We'd love to celebrate your students!Β If you'd like to share some great news with us, here's how to get in touch!

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