Happy World Teachers' Day!

October 5, 2018

Happy World Teachers’ Day! 🎉

You deserve that day every day, but here’s some extra love today!

Read about a couple of outstanding educators we have the privilege of working with.

Thera Lashley

Thera Lashley teaches in Mountain Home Middle School in Arkansas. Thera comes from a long line of educators spanning over five generations! From an early age she found a love for teaching, and as she grew, that love for teaching began to sound more like a calling.

“I want to be the person that inspires them to achieve their goals, no matter what they may be.”

Thera has gone on to teach general education, and to continue helping students achieve their dreams. In teaching both special and general education, Thera was able to glean a unique insight into not just how to teach students, but in how students learn best. By marrying these concepts, she has carved out a teaching philosophy that resonates with all students.

Tina Wood

As a school improvement specialist at Long Branch Elementary, Tina Wood has the unique opportunity to impact the lives of teachers, students, and parents.

With over 25 years of experience in the classroom, Tina is a pro when it comes to leaving a positive impression on students’ lives. She knows how transformational these years are to students, recounting how her own road to teaching began as a student.

“I want to be exemplary in my profession and a role model to others. I want to finish each day knowing that my work has been beneficial to the lives I’ve been privileged to touch. You never know how even the smallest gestures of kindness, or just showing a student that you care, can have a monumental effect on the way they think about learning.”

This week, Classworks has been asking you to nominate rockstar teachers for a special treat. We received so many nominations, and we are so happy to help recognize the incredible work that you do.

This year’s winners are:

1. Amanda Albright, Phillips Elementary School | Marion County Schools

2. Barbara Spivey, Heard Magnet School | Dothan City Schools

Congratulations! Message us using your school email address to win your prize!

Thank you to all of our outstanding educators for your hard work and endless determination. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

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