National Read a Book Day and World Literacy Day!

September 14, 2018
It's National Read a Book Day AND World Literacy Day! 📚

National Read a Book Day and World Literacy Day are both happening this week!
What better time to have students practice with paired passages?

Try this:
  • Choose a paired passage that supports your lesson plan. Try this 7th grade lesson plan or modify to fit your grade level.
  • Work on having students understand the first passage. Spend a few days reading, annotating (use the digital tools!), and understanding the passage. Assess their understanding using the text dependent questions.
  • When students are ready, move on to the second passage. Read, discuss, annotate, and answer the questions.
  • Now you’re ready for the paired passages! Assign the paired passages and analyze the connections between the two texts using the text dependent questions.
  • After discussion your students are ready to answer the paired questions.

With a variety of genres, Classworks Integrated Reading activities are the perfect way to get your students excited to read with topics that appeal to them.

Classworks passages are lexile-leveled for grades one through eight and designed to build reading stamina. Plus, text-dependent questions help students achieve deep reading comprehension in-tune with your state’s standards.

Here are some of our favorite activities to try with your class. Tell us which ones your class likes best at @ClassworksWeb and we’ll send you a treat!

2-12 P Paired: Social Studies & Social Studies - Benjamin Franklin’s Lending Library & Life in the Past

5-18 P Paired: Mysteries and Adventure Stories & Mysteries and Adventure Stories - An Afternoon on the Moon & An Antarctic Adventure

‍More lessons are available in the Instruction tab within Classworks! 

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