Persevering Through the Pandemic: Let's Hear It for these Amazing Educators!

September 20, 2021

While teachers deserve our praise all year round - and, especially after this particular school year - Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to recognize all the hard work that goes into educating the next generation. And, when looking back on the 2020-2021 school year, “hard work” is definitely an understatement!

Navigating education to keep students and communities motivated in the face of a global pandemic is certainly a daunting challenge. But, teachers took the bull by the horns and have done everything in their power to mitigate learning loss and keep their kids moving forward. They have become tech experts, digital curriculum developers, wellness-checkers, and remote learning masters!

For this Teacher Appreciation Week, we’d like to highlight some of the many amazing educators who overcame incredible challenges to unite their colleagues and communities to keep students learning.

Danielle Manley

Program Specialist for Exceptional Children | Douglas County Schools, GA

Nominated by Dr. Lisa Lindley

Jamie Clark

2nd Grade Teacher | Dekalb County Schools, GA

Nominated by Elena Grant

Paul Brown

Principal | Atlanta Public Schools, GA

When his students went remote, Principal Paul Brown knew he needed to create a successful framework for remote learning using a combination of digital tools, professional development, and consistent communication. Hear how he helped his students and teachers stay on their A-Game!

Kristina Palen

Project Facilitator | Clark County School District, NV

Nominated by Mi-Jung Park

Amisha Hall

Kindergarten Teacher | Dekalb County Schools, GA

Nominated by Wanda Hammonds

Rochelle Washington-Scott

Principal | East Baton Rouge Parish School System, LA

Principal Rochelle Washington-Scott knew that, with her unique population of learners, solid leadership and clear expectations would be the keys to success. She made the time to connect with each student individually and ensure every teacher felt supported as they moved their curriculum to a virtual environment. Hear her experience teaching with Classworks, along with other district leaders in the Southeast.

Rose Barbieri

3rd Grade Teacher | Archdiocese of Newark, NJ

Nominated by Sister Rita M. Fritzen OSF

Lyndsey Buterbaugh

Kindergarten Teacher | Douglas County Schools, GA

Nominated by Lathia Thompson

Dr. Elizabeth Curry

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction | Gloucester City Schools, NJ

Like many districts during the pandemic, Gloucester City opted for a hybrid learning model. Dr. Curry discusses built in differentiation and the importance of individualized learning for all students. Plus, see how she plans to address learning loss in the new school year using digital tools like Classworks.

Stacy Mills

PEC Teacher | Jones County School System, GA

Nominated by Casie Palmer

Shatorya Wright

Math Lab Administrator | Dekalb County Schools, GA

Nominated by Davida Cray

Megan Scott

Academic Interventionist | Jackson Public Schools, MS

As an interventionist in a large urban district, Megan is familiar with the challenges associated with learning loss. She stresses the importance of consistency and continuity when it comes to effective remote learning. In this quick video interview, listen to her experience using Classworks to create a digital learning environment for students who are unable to attend classes.

Chelnor Unsonia Griffin

First Grade Teacher | Dougherty County School System, GA

Anita Williams

4th Grade Teacher | Dekalb County Schools, GA

Nominated by Ebony Fulgham

Batina Dawson

PLC Lead | Hoke County Schools, NC

Nominated by Alfred Jean Hammond

Gail Robertson

Assistant Director of Instructional Support Services | Georgia Cyber Academy, GA

Georgia Cyber Academy has been successfully supporting virtual learning since 2007. This year came with unexpected obstacles, but with the right intervention program paired with processes that have proven effective, this district didn't miss a beat. Hear Gail's secrets to success in this short spotlight interview.

Lacy Hammond

Special Education Teacher | Dawson County Schools, Ga

Nominated by Ashley Elliott

Michelle Whitmer

Special Education Teacher | Owensboro Public Schools, KY

Nominated by Carrie Wedding

Amanda Simpson

Reading Coach | Monroe County Schools, AL

Nominated by Becky Soumeillan

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