Happy Pi Day - Fun Pi Lessons

April 12, 2022

Not a “Pi” in the Sky – Love Math by Building Confidence 

This Pi Day, let’s show our love (or at least a strong “like”) for math

It’s true what they say; you should never try to talk to Pi because they’ll just go on forever. This Pi Day, we can’t help but shout from the rooftops our appreciation for math. 

On Pi Day, let’s explore how to use applied math to give your students meaningful math practice that helps students deepen their mathematical understanding and celebrate math!

Justifying the Need for Justification

As you may know, part of building mathematical communications skills includes building justifications. Math practice standards call for students to not only figure out the problem but communicate how they solved it and why their answer is correct -- using evidence.

Developing these skills is important, but it’s not always easy. Using math language and putting understanding into words can be difficult. You should pick a program that supports your math instruction and allows for flexibility in the way students communicate their ideas. Some ideas you can implement are utilizing applied math digital tools, or if students are still working on improving math writing skills, have them record their justification using the audio recording tool. Drawing their justification is also an option.

Fun lessons for Pi Day

Now let’s get to the fun part! We’re showcasing some ideas you can implement in your classroom to honor the mathematically unique day’

Let us inspire you with some witty wisdom before you depart: What did pi say to its friend? Stop being so irrational. 

Now go out there and make some logical and educated mathematical decisions. If you’re ever looking for K-8 problem-solving activities to help students develop reasoning skills and improve math communication while interacting with technology they'll love, give Classworks a try. Reach out by chatting with us on the bottom right of this screen or email us at hello@classworks.com.

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