Planning the Return to Learning

August 21, 2020

Read our white paper, Planning the Return to Learning, for eight guidelines for success this year.

According to leading research, students are at risk of losing the learning gains they have made this year, with primary grades being the most susceptible. That's why districts are turning their attention to the big decisions that need to be made to support the return to learning: How will you prepare for the impact of student learning loss due to school closures? How should summer school be structured, and how do you best meet the needs of students in the new school year?

Watch or read along as we discuss the familiar and unfamiliar challenges educators are facing related to the COVID slide, and leave with actionable plans for the coming school year.

This video & white paper cover:

  • Structuring next year's curriculum
  • Helping RTI and Special Education students ASAP
  • Building high-quality lesson plans
  • Technical planning & logistics for the new school year

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