Remarkable Growth for Kershaw County Middle Schools

February 20, 2019

Customer Spotlight

How often have you heard, “my elementary schools are doing great, but my middle schools are struggling or stagnant?” Continuing the trajectory of growth in middle school is a challenge, but not impossible. How did one South Carolina school district do it?

A Partnership for Success 

In 2014, Kershaw County Schools chose Classworks as a districtwide resource to support teachers with closing achievement gaps. The district administers the NWEA MAP assessment three times a year to measure growth and determine which students need intervention. Using MAP assessment results, Classworks delivers custom reading and math lessons matched to students’ specific needs. Kershaw teachers are able to start interventions much earlier in the year, with tremendous results!

“The district prioritized implementing research-based tools to provide insight into where students are struggling and where they excel,” says, Dr. Alisa Taylor, executive director for K12 instruction, Kershaw County Schools. “NWEA’s MAP assessment paired with Classworks Individualized Instruction provides both the data and a plan for each student’s success.”

The Proof is in the Data

Middle schools (grades 6 - 8) in the district exceeded NWEA’s Mean Growth Norms by 7.6 points in reading. Classworks users in the district with 70%+ mastery saw the most growth, 13 points higher than Mean Growth Norms in reading and 3 points higher in math. See the 6th and 7th grade results.

“I use the data from NWEA MAP and prescribed instruction from Classworks to help my students strengthen needed math skills. Working with their classroom math teacher, we use the data to implement tutoring and pullout groups. My kids are getting the time and extra help to master skills and their confidence levels are through the roof!” Sharon Pharis, math interventionist, Leslie M. Stover Middle School

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