Use Google Classroom for Remote Learning

May 19, 2020

One of the biggest requests from our partners during remote learning has been to assistance with Google Classroom. This 30-minute training covers:

  • Adding Classworks instruction to Google Classroom
  • Grading  
  • Building high-quality lessons
  • The student experience

Jordan and Michael walk us through building a high-quality lesson plan in #GoogleClassroom. In this virtual training, see the key pieces of content we recommend to create lessons that keep students engaged and learning as they work from home. Learn how to create direct instruction, add assignments and resources, embed rigorous reading and math activities, continue interventions, and use formative checks to ensure skill mastery is still happening.To see the list of questions we received during this webinar - and our answers - click here: can search the 7,000 standards-based, online lessons and easily assign and grade. Classworks instruction is flexible and accessible inside the platform you're using right now!

To learn more about remote learning with Classworks, chat with us live at or email us at

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