Step Up Your Success this School Year!

September 13, 2019

Welcome back to our dedicated teachers and hardworking students! We’re excited for the amazing year we have ahead.

Does your school have any exciting new initiatives this year? 

Back-to-School is an exciting time of the year and we love hearing about the bold and creative ways schools are inspiring student success! Some schools are looking to help all students raise proficiency in math. Maybe your district has set an ambitious literacy goal for students. Often, this is the time of year your school or district has placed a focus on providing teachers with meaningful, engaging professional development to create school-wide synergy. 

No matter which goals are set for your school this year, it’s likely that instructional technology resources will play a big role! Approximately 63% of teachers are using technology in the classroom daily* and that number increases each year. However, many teachers still feel that planning for the daily or weekly use of technology in lesson planning is daunting. And, not all students have equal access to technology resources. How can you embrace your instructional technology in new ways that help all your students see gains this year?

Maximize the resources you have!

With technology, we become creatures of habit. You can find yourself in the routine of utilizing the same features day in and day out. While those features are probably tried and true for accomplishing specific purposes, why not make it a goal to find new ways to use your favorite resources to help you meet your school or district initiatives. 

For example, helping students to improve close reading skills and develop deeper reading comprehension often brings to mind colored highlighters, sticky notes, and text margins filled with observations and questions.  Digital reading passages and tools can streamline and enhance close reading lessons, while also increasing students’ comfort level with the type of texts they will see on their end of grade assessments. The same can be applied to developing complex, math problem-solving skills. Math lessons that include problems with a DOK 3 or 4, allow students to conduct error analysis and show their work in a variety of ways, but are time consuming to create. Digital math activities and resources can save valuable lesson planning time. 

This year, the Classworks team of educators is focused on giving you new ways to step outside the box and see the full potential of what your instructional program can do. We want to help you leverage technology to reimagine learning experiences -- and save you some heavy lifting along the way!

Let’s make this the best year yet!

Whether you are implementing an individualized learning environment, using digital reading and math activities for blended learning in the classroom, or supporting your intervention program with routine progress monitoring, resources like Classworks empower you and your students and drive results. Each month, our blog will help you open the door to new opportunities to use technology to boost student achievement. We’ll be featuring helpful articles, videos, testimonials, interviews, and much more!

Successful implementations all have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is? If you said high-quality professional learning then you’re on your game today! Teachers who receive training are much more likely to experience success weaving technology into their instruction and they are able to translate that success into increased student achievement.

Which option is right for you? 

In our next post, we’ll explore the pros, cons, and differences between professional learning methods and help you narrow down the selection that fits your learning style! 

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