Your 90-Day Turnaround Checklist

March 4, 2020

It’s February. 

You have that sinking feeling this year as you look at your student grade book and test scores and realize that, despite everyone’s best efforts, there are still a sizable number of students unlikely to score proficiently on the high stakes test - or even the retake. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone! And, it’s not too late to show growth.

If you start now, with the right tools in place, you can have many of your students ready for success on the high stakes test.

Here is your 90-day turnaround checklist. 

March 1-15

❐ Analyze your data. Identify the students that did not perform well on the Winter Screener.

❐ Schedule intervention time. This will be easier for some schools than others if you have built-in time. But, even if you don’t, there are creative ways to include intervention time in the bell schedule. If possible, schedule 45-60 minute blocks three times a week for intervention. 

❐ Motivate and incentivize. Build a plan that offers small continual rewards for those participating in the interventions.

March 16 - April 30

❐ Make informed instructional decisions. Review the assessment results and look at the areas of deficiency for each student.

❐ Individualize. Assign the exact right resource for every student based on the areas of deficiency for each student. 

❐ Conference. Talk with each student as they are working on their interventions. Reassign the skills they are still struggling with. 

❐ Celebrate! Recognize and reward success as students start to catch-up and see the aha moment. Have small ice cream or pizza parties or Friday lunch celebrations for students as they earn rewards. 

❐ Celebrate your own aha moments. Your students aren’t really performing two years behind their peers. In fact, they were just missing a few key skills that were blocking them from success on grade level. 

❐ See their eyes light up! Watch students start to engage more in the classroom with your on-grade level lessons as they realize the success they are having on the interventions is also translating to pride in the classroom and with your lessons. 

May 15-30

❐ Testing time! Administer or re-administer the High Stakes. It’s time for your students to apply what they’ve learned. 

❐ Breathe a sigh of relief! Celebrate the results you and your students have worked hard for this year. 

Does this feel overwhelming?

With the right instructional resource, much of this process can be automatic! 

Review and see if your school already has the following:

  • The ability to identify students that are at risk to fail the high stakes test
  • Interventions that individualize learning for all students 
  • Effective reporting to track student progress on the interventions

Worried you don’t have the right tools in place? Don’t worry, this is what Classworks does best! 

Classworks includes a screener that predicts high stakes test results; Classworks puts your screener data to work with individualized experiences and offers dashboards and reports to support teachers tracking success every step of the way. 

Many districts across the country started their Classworks partnership when they were under the same pressures as you are now. But, our favorite saying at the office is ‘pressure makes diamonds’. How do we do what we do? With Classworks, you receive a partner, not just a product. Then, after you are so excited and happy with the results, we grow with you from there, year after year. 

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90-Day Turnaround Checklist!

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