Teaching through technology made



It’s not the instructional technology that creates powerful learning experiences, it’s you, equipped with the right instructional technology. Meet Classbloom! Reading and math lessons you and your students will love! 

Classbloom makes great teachers even better with:

Rigorous reading and math content
Access on any device
Standards tracking
Real-time insights

Our Customers Love It!

I thought I was looking for the unicorn, digital lessons aligned to my standards that get my kids excited to learn. Classbloom met my high expectations and didn’t require me to sit at a training for hours before I could use it. My students and I were able to dive right in.

Amanda Tulgetske
Mountain Home School District

The reading and math lessons prepare my students for what they will see on their high stakes test. Not only are the problems similar, but they have a variety of tools to solve them. Students have to explain their thinking and do error analysis. That’s so valuable!

Jennifer Geyer
Gwinnett County Schools

Why Classbloom?

Classbloom gives you rich reading and math content for grades K-8 in a format that gets students excited about learning. You have tablets, Chromebooks, maybe BYOD. You need lessons aligned to your standards. Sure, you can search online, but… Will it work on your mix of devices? Can you search and assign by standard? Is it differentiated (yep, we’ve done that for you!)? How about real-time feedback and monitoring?

Interested in seeing how Classbloom can help your students grow?

Real-time Insights. Continuous Feedback.

Within Classbloom you have a continuous communication feed with your students and real-time notifications. Where are they getting stuck? Did they fly through it? See it all as it’s happening, and take action right away.

Watch the struggle. Know when to intervene. See how they apply your feedback, and document their aha moments! Keep track of their growth and share their glows and grows with parents!

Standards Tracking

Classbloom keeps track of how your class and individual students are mastering the standards. Assign instruction to support the standard(s) you’re teaching. Stay on top of which standards you’ve covered, which ones went well, and which ones need a little work. View at-a-glance which concepts to reteach and review before test time.

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