Use Assessment Data to Drive Individualized Learning Plans


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Understanding where students are today makes it much easier to identify the path ahead. 

This is why Renaissance® and Classworks®  teamed up to use assessment data from Renaissance Star 360® to place students in the right Classworks learning path.

Watch our webinar to see how an integrated learning experience helps students achieve incredible growth. You’ll also discover how Renaissance Flow 360®, our newest solution, unifies your products and simplifies personalized lesson planning. Plus, you’ll hear two educators describe how using Star data with Classworks has had a significant impact on their students.

You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of:

  • ‍How Classworks learning paths work and why they make such a difference
  • ‍How to use Star data to create personalized learning paths for your students
  • ‍Where to find integrated reports—and what we have planned for the 2018–2019 school year
  • How successful educators are currently using these programs to drive student growth


Gretchen Hanson is Product Marketing Manager for Renaissance Flow 360 and the Renaissance Growth Alliance™.

Kerri Whitmire is Curriculum and Instruction Student Services Coordinator at the Lumpkin County School System in Dahlonega, GA.

Mary Arnold is District Technology Coordinator at the Meigs Local School District in Pomeroy, OH.

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