Support Third Grade Reading Success!


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You’ve prepared students all year for their third grade reading test, but there are some that will have to retake it! That’s ok, Classworks can help!

Third grade is often referred to as a make or break time for students academically, when students must soon make the transition to “reading to learn.” More than 30 states have enacted legislation to focus on reading success in third grade. Don’t worry, Classworks has you covered.

Watch our webinar for practical ways you can use Classworks’ targeted reading lessons to prepare your students for their reading retake! Hear from a school district successfully using Classworks to support their students across the finish line in third grade.

We’ll discuss:

1. Use your student data to create custom instruction to build up core reading skills

2. The perfect combination of independent work time and teacher-led group work

3. Conferencing with students and reassigning

4. Using your digital reading passages and tools to support close reads

Presented by:

Julie Burton, Race to the Top Literacy Coach, Clarksdale School District

Cutler Bleecker, Product Specialist, Classworks

Delivered by

Cutler Bleecker

Product and Training Specialist
Research & Development