Screen students, set goals, monitor progress and measure growth with Classworks suite of assessments. The real power is in the action you take, not the data. Classworks assessments tie directly to instruction, setting your students on the path to mastery right away!

Customized Assessments for Your State Standards

Universal Screener and Summative Benchmark Assessments

Identify the skills your students are ready to learn. View, at-a-glance, student's strengths and weaknesses for key strands and take immediate action with instruction matched to each student's specific needs.

Classworks assessments identify baseline learning levels, diagnose results at the strand level and measure growth on a vertical scale. Assign students to appropriate programs and intervention groups, assist with goal setting and track progress against goals.

See valid, actionable data at student, teacher, classroom or sub-population levels. View progress against expected learning targets to quickly adjust interventions and close achievement gaps.

Classworks Universal Screeners have been validated by the National Center on Response to Intervention (NCRTI), and they received the highest reliability ranking.

Learn more about our Summative Benchmark.

Learn more about our Universal Screener.

Progress Monitoring

Classworks Progress Monitoring includes online Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) probes to help you identify what is or isn't working with a student's Response to Intervention (RtI) plan and make informed, instructional decisions. 

Our automated monitoring lets you focus on teaching while still keeping on top of how each student is progressing. 

The immediate and automatic scoring and reporting allow you to adapt and adjust a student's plan quickly, based on reliable data.

Gain a clear picture of progress and skill retention through their rate of improvement. Assess weekly or select your own testing interval.

See a sample report.

Progress Monitoring
Customized Assessments for Your State Standards

Customized Assessments for Your State Standards

You may want to modify or customize your own assessment to better match your classroom, school or district curriculum. Classworks customized assessments give you flexibility in subject areas, number of questions, state-standards covered and other assessment aspects. Just like our instruction, you can build assessments aligned to your specific state standards.

Create your own test items and use them independently or combine them with existing Classworks content.

Customized Assessments for Your State Standards

Our Customers Love It!

There are many resources for RTI, but often they only address one or two components. Having to purchase and train teachers on multiple programs is expensive and time consuming. Classworks is the all-in-one RTI resource we needed...

Dr. Manika Kemp
Federal Programs Director
Clarksdale Municipal School District

Thank you, thank you! You guys at Classworks are seriously the best! The help I have received every time I have a problem has been far greater than anything I have experienced in the education field. I am seriously so appreciative for how helpful everyone has been. The success team ensures that teachers have no excuse not to use Classworks in their rooms. You guys rock!

Keitha Vaughn
Colleton Middle School

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