Curriculum Advantage Launches Classbloom® at ISTE

July 10, 2017

Digital reading and math classroom resource for teachers is unmatched in the industry

Curriculum Advantage, Inc. announces the release of Classbloom®, a new resource to better support teachers with teaching to state standards through technology. Classbloom includes reading and math activities for grades K-8, standards tracking, and a revolutionary communication feed between the teacher and students.

Classbloom gives teachers rich reading and math content in a format that is engaging for learners. Designed to work on any device–from a phone to a desktop–it fills an important need for teachers who are spending hours searching for standards-aligned lessons that meet the rigor of end of year tests. Teachers can search and assign lessons by state standards. The standards tracking feature allows teachers to easily keep track of how a class and individual students are mastering the standards.

“The reading and math lessons prepare my students for what they will see on their high stakes test. Not only are the problems similar, but they have a variety of tools to solve them,” says Jennifer Geyer, Third Grade Teacher, Trip Elementary. “Students have to explain their thinking and do error analysis. That’s so valuable!”

Within Classbloom, teachers have a continuous communication feed with their students. Monitoring where students need extra help and taking action right away is intuitive with Classbloom’s real-time conversation feed and notifications.

“In our discussions with teachers we heard that some programs offer good platforms, others good content. They struggle to find an intuitive platform that houses quality content,” explained Melissa Sinunu, president of Curriculum Advantage, Inc. "That was our catalyst for developing Classbloom–high quality lessons paired with high quality tools under a single offering. We are thrilled to meet educators needs with this new resource to teach their reading and math standards.”

About Curriculum Advantage, Inc.

Curriculum Advantage, Inc. provides online instructional solutions proven to help students become critical thinkers and independent learners. Classworks® offers K-8 individualized learning paths driven by students’ assessment results for remediation and enrichment. Classbloom® offers on-grade level, K-8, standards-based reading and math classroom instruction, standards tracking, and real-time feedback. Curriculum Advantage’s evidence-based educational solutions are built upon strong instructional pedagogy and technological innovation to improve teaching and learning.

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