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Focus on SEL & Behavior

The impact of the on students’ well-being has escalated the need for social-emotional and behavioral intervention support.

Classworks cost-effective online platform brings together the tools you need to quickly determine areas of social-emotional and behavioral need, provide needed supports, and track progress.
   Social-Emotional Skills Survey (SESS)
   SMART Goal Tracker
   PBIS Tracking
  Whole child data visualizations

SEL Made Simple

Identify students who need social-emotional and behavioral interventions, help students create and achieve academic and behavioral goals, and monitor and log behavioral incidents and interventions–with one easy, to use platform

SE Skills Survey

Identify students who need SEL & behavioral support. Track progress on the discrete skills that contribute to students’ overall social-emotional well-being. Assess in English and Spanish.

Goal Tracker

A digital SMART goal-setting tool for students. Create academic, social-emotional, and behavioral goals and determine the steps to achieve them. Real-time teacher communication feed.


Support effective and transparent positive behavioral intervention supports (PBIS). Monitor and log behavioral incidents and support for actionable SST meetings.

SEL Surveys: Turning Data into Supports

January 20, 2022 2:30 PM
Eastern time 
Use social-emotional survey results to create SMART goals for students.

Classworks Resources to Support Positive Behavioral Interventions (PBIS)

November 11, 2021 8:00 AM
Eastern time 
Professional Development
Strategies for using Classworks to support positive behavioral interventions.

Setting SMART Goals with Classworks Goal Tracker

November 10, 2021 3:00 PM
Eastern time 
Professional Development
Using Classworks Goal Tracker to help students create and track goals.

Assessing Students’ Needs with the Classworks SEL Competency Survey

November 10, 2021 8:00 AM
Eastern time 
Professional Development
Identify students who need social-emotional and behavioral support with Classworks new SEL Competency Survey.
We have had a Classworks revolution! Teachers are excited for all the ways their lives are easier by using it! Classworks allows teachers to have one place where they can progress monitor, connect instructional goals, and provide targeted instruction based on need.

Carrie Wedding

Asst Director of Special Education
Owensboro Public Schools

Confident decision-making with a valid and reliable resource

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Classworks is an online, comprehensive solution for MTSS/RTI that includes assessments to identify academic and social-emotional needs, reading and math interventions, progress monitoring, social-emotional and behavioral resources, and reports and data visualizations.