Classworks® Releases New Teacher-Led Digital Instruction: Applied Mathematics

October 2, 2015


Classworks®, by Curriculum Advantage, Inc., a leader in online instruction, announces the release of new math problem-solving activities built to state and Common Core standards. Applied Mathematics is teacher-led instruction paired with purposeful student practice to help students develop conceptual understanding, reasoning skills, and mathematical communication.

Classworks’ newest math solution includes differentiated math activities for grades K-8. Each lesson is designed to be used over a week of direct instruction and contains differentiated problems across three levels of difficulty addressing the same grade level standard. Also included is an investigative problem to facilitate mathematical communication through analysis and critique of sample work, defense of correct answers, and error analysis.

“Studies reveal that teachers are struggling to find resources that support them with teaching the more robust college and career ready standards. Consequently, students are not being exposed to solving the types of problems they will face on newer high-stakes assessments,” says Lindsey Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Classworks. “Applied Mathematics provides teachers with rigorous weekly activities that differentiate and address the Standards of Mathematical Practice.“

Powerful resources are included for each activity to support teachers with key talking points, common misconceptions, and suggested manipulatives. These features increase teacher capacity and comfort level with addressing the shifts in math. Students have various digital tools available including audio recording, a highlighter, a number line, and a large digital canvas to demonstrate work. The student resources support conceptual understanding and problem solving by requiring students to use a variety of strategies to demonstrate proficiency.

“We have received a lot of professional development about the new math standards and expectations, but they come to life with a resource like Applied Mathematics. The problems are differentiated so I don’t have to struggle each week to find on-grade level content that meets the needs of my students at their level of readiness,” says, Mary Margaret Dark, Middle Grades Math Teacher at Chatham Middle School. “My students are making connections and learning how to communicate mathematically, building their confidence and skill level.”

About Classworks®

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