Sample Reports

Take a look at some samples of the reporting we create.

Universal Screener: Grouping Report

View groups of students by cut scores in key strands.

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Skills Summary

View overall Classworks instruction completed by grade level. Compare below-, on-, and above-grade-level time-on-task and number of units.

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Assignment Results

View overall performance on Classworks instruction by student or class.

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Progress Monitoring Results

View the effectiveness of each student's intervention and their rate of improvement.

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Individualized Learning Results

View and monitor multiple students' proficiency at a glance. See what students are mastering and what needs more work to make needed instructional adjustments.

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Universal Screener: RtI Recommendations

Analyzes results for grade-level readiness. Identify students who need further evaluation and potential intervention. Determine movement across tiers in RtI.

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Individualized Learning ResultS: Individual Student

View and monitor students' proficiency with their individualized instruction to make any needed instructional adjustments.

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Individualized Learning Standards Mastery

View at-a-glance how your selected students are performing in assigned skills by your state's grade-level standards.

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Comprehensive Student Report

A comprehensive view of an individual student's performance on assessments and instruction.

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