Your Special Education Solution

Classworks is an online platform that includes screening, progress monitoring and specially-designed instruction for reading and math.

Create academic IEP goals based on valid and reliable data, easily monitor and document progress with automatic rate of improvement graphing, and automatically deliver individualized Specially Designed Instruction to meet goals.

Endorsed by CASE

Classworks valid and reliable assessments identify students' strength and weaknesses down to the skill level. Teachers have the detailed data and ready-to-learn statements they need to create PLAAFP statements.

Plus, choose standards and skill-based IEP goals for reading and math tied to one-click progress monitoring.

Classworks includes:

  • Assessments to identify present levels by domain and skill
  • Suggested IEP goals
  • Individualized Reading and Math Instruction
  • Progress monitoring that meets NCII's latest guidelines

“Our special education teachers are dedicated to creating high-quality IEPs customized to each student’s areas of need. However, that process can be cumbersome without the right data and tools. Classworks data is easy to understand and gives us exactly what we need to create meaningful goals. Plus, the progress monitoring being automatically tied to [it] is a game changer for us. Teachers are thrilled that they have reliable data and documentation. Classworks has cut their IEP writing time in half!”
Katrina Jackson, Director of Special Education, Montgomery County Schools

“I learned so much about using the program to support our Special Education students that I plan to deliver to my teachers. I'm looking forward to what Classworks has to offer in the future.”

Karla Simpson, Administrator, Newton County Schools

"I really like the new Classworks program!! Not only is it user-friendly for teachers AND students, but it's very easy to demonstrate to parents. Classworks has also been handy for special education! We got a new student, and I didn't have scores to write his goals. He took the Classworks assessment and now I have GREAT data to write goals and use on his IEP."

Ryan Harris, Teacher, Russell County Schools

“Classworks is FANTASTIC! I am finding more and more data I can use.”

Kristin Kroeger, Special Education Director, Deer Trail School District

“Classworks is a one-stop shop for your IEP development because it helps us not only develop the
goals but then Progress Monitoring the goal. It helps us to determine whether or not
that goal is appropriate and is on target for being met.”

Toby James, EC Instructional Facilitator, Caldwell County Schools 

“With Classworks, it has given our special education teachers confidence. They're able to discuss standards and IP meetings, which has not happened before, and they're able to utilize the reports in a way that they've never been able to utilize them before; to rewrite compliant IEPs and IEP goals.”

Sarah Craft, Special Education Instructional Coordinator, Vidalia City Schools

“Classworks is such a wonderful addition to our curriculum! We use it for interventions,
acceleration, and our tutorial program and our students LOVE it!”

Kate N. Jones, Multi-Tiered Support System Specialist, DeKalb County School District


Create specific, attainable IEP goals based on powerful data.


Meet the latest guidelines for compliant Progress Monitoring with our NCII-validated tool.


Automatically deliver each student the individualized instruction they need to meet academic goals.