Your Special Education Solution

Classworks is an online platform that includes screening, progress monitoring and specially-designed instruction for reading and math.

Create academic IEP goals based on valid and reliable data, easily monitor and document progress with automatic rate of improvement graphing, and automatically deliver individualized Specially Designed Instruction to meet goals.

Endorsed by CASE

Classworks valid and reliable assessments identify students' strength and weaknesses down to the skill level. Teachers have the detailed data and ready-to-learn statements they need to create PLAAFP statements.

Plus, choose standards and skill-based IEP goals for reading and math tied to one-click progress monitoring.

Classworks includes:

  • Assessments to identify present levels by domain and skill
  • Suggested IEP goals
  • Individualized Reading and Math Instruction
  • Progress monitoring that meets NCII's latest guidelines
We have had a Classworks revolution! Teachers are so excited now that we can show them all the ways their life will be easier by using it! We can easily connect student progress to the learning path which allows our students with exceptional needs to close gaps and achieve grade level success. Classworks allows teachers to have one place where they can progress monitor, connect instructional goals, and provide targeted instruction based on need."

Carrie Wedding

Director of Special Education
Owensboro Public Schools


Create specific, attainable IEP goals based on powerful data.


Meet the latest guidelines for compliant Progress Monitoring with our NCII-validated tool.


Automatically deliver each student the individualized instruction they need to meet academic goals.