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Classworks has a record of achievement in making a positive difference in school districts across the country. The proof is in the pudding. 

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Classworks Achievement study 2019: Reading and Mathematics
Extra-large district (over 50,000 students)
Reading and Math

In a recent study, students using Classworks® experienced substantial growth and exceeded Renaissance® Star suggested growth norms in BOTH reading and mathematics in every grade!

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Haddon Heights
Medium district (500-5,000 students)
ELA and Math

Haddon Heights School District in New Jersey was looking for a solution that would put their NWEA MAP Growth assessment results to work and provide individualized instruction for students. In addition, they wanted to support teachers and students with rigorous reading and math lessons that address the standards. Haddon Heights has now implemented Classworks as the comprehensive solution to address both their needs. Find out how they determined what a successful pilot should look like and how Classworks was the right fit for their instructional goals.

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Marion County Schools, AL
Medium district (500-5,000 students)
Elementary and Middle
ELA and Math

Marion County Schools uses Classworks to individualize learning for every student using their Performance Series assessment data. In every strand, for both mathematics and language arts, students working in Classworks experienced marked growth compared to those who didn’t. And, for students using Classworks for more than five hours with greater than 70% average mastery, the growth was tremendous!

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ESSA Evidence for Classworks

Classworks is backed by timely research conducted in diverse educational settings. This research meets the criteria for “evidence-based” as defined by ESSA, qualifying these programs for School Improvement funding.

efficacy studies

Real Testimonials

Hear what teachers, superintendents and administrators say about our products.

With our high achieving students, I have seen the impact of Classworks in Math. When we are problem-solving, some of those students are able to use higher-level strategies because of the exposure from Classworks. In Reading, some of our stragglers are getting a refresher on reading foundation skills that are no longer taught in the 4th-grade curriculum. I look forward to seeing their growth this year!

Nicole Wilson
Douglas County School System

Classworks is the one intervention that was a non-negotiable and was truly implemented with fidelity from 1st grade to 5th grade. The teachers at Northside Elementary really like the program and the fact that is directly correlated to STAR which ultimately helps to improve their results for each of their student learning objectives regardless of where they are based on grade level!

Wilsey Hamilton
Colleton Country School District

There are many resources for RTI, but often they only address one or two components. Having to purchase and train teachers on multiple programs is expensive and time consuming. Classworks is the all-in-one RTI resource we needed...

Dr. Manika Kemp
Clarksdale Municipal School District

Thank you, thank you! You guys at Classworks are seriously the best! The help I have received every time I have a problem has been far greater than anything I have experienced in the education field. I am seriously so appreciative for how helpful everyone has been. The success team ensures that teachers have no excuse not to use Classworks in their rooms. You guys rock!

Keitha Vaughn
Colleton Middle School

Classworks is a fabulous program that uses pinpoint precision to diagnose students' deficit areas. Creativity is allowed for individual instructional needs. Classworks is a marvelous Co-Teacher! The staff is very helpful, resourceful, patient and displays wonderful customer service.

Margie Wilder
Hoke County School District

I really like the individualized instruction. The program is user friendly. Students are engaged, active learners. The reports help me analyze student data.

Vickie Clark
Marion County Schools

I thought I was looking for the unicorn, digital lessons aligned to my standards that get my kids excited to learn. Classbloom met my high expectations and didn’t require me to sit at a training for hours before I could use it. My students and I were able to dive right in.

Amanda Tulgetske
Mountain Home School District

The reading and math lessons prepare my students for what they will see on their high stakes test. Not only are the problems similar, but they have a variety of tools to solve them. Students have to explain their thinking and do error analysis. That’s so valuable!

Jennifer Geyer
Gwinnett County Schools

"Classworks challenges students in a fun way based on the grade-level in which they can work. Since the work is independent, students are unaware of some of the learning challenges others may face. This is important to the self-esteem of my students."

Dephne McNeely
York School District 1

"One of the best parts about the program is the fact that it is so easy to learn and accessible. It is user- and teacher-friendly and all-encompassing. I am addicted to the program as an educator."

Lynne Baker
Eufaula City Schools

"Classworks has been helping my class work more efficiently for five years now. Through the use of this program, my students have strengthened weaknesses, had a ton of fun, and become much more confident in their abilities."

Stephen Edwards
Houston County

"We have had excellent support and communication from the Classworks team – from selection to implementation."

Margaret Wilks
Paris School District

"Classworks is the key to the success of Tupelo Public Schools Response to Intervention program. Student achievement is being greatly impacted by the interweaving of Classworks into the intervention system."

Amy Ferguson
Tupelo Public School District

"Classworks enhances our district’s academic offerings and effectiveness."

Tom Parker
Jefferson City Schools

"Many of our families have started using Classworks at home so we are seeing an increase in the time students spend in the program. What a great tool for learning at home!"

Chris Germain
Gaston County School District

"Classworks continues to evolve and grow with us. Every year we are amazed at the power of Classworks to help our students succeed."

Dr. Dan Lawson
Tullahoma City Schools

"Motivating middle school students is sometimes difficult. Using Classworks has gotten students excited about learning."

Anne Lamb
Jefferson County School District

Classworks is one of the most user friendly platforms I've ever seen. Not only are the principals excited, the teachers are thrilled. I've been an educator for over forty years and Classworks has really revitalized my vision for school with our children of technology. It's fun and practical.

Erin Weaver
Bibb County School District

"Not only do my students use Classworks in our classroom, but they also use it as homework multiple nights per week. Classworks gave my sixth graders the opportunity to reinforce their learning at home with 21st century assignments."

Cheryl Cornejo
Montebello Unified School District

"I didn’t know how I was going to handle the increased rigor, but Classworks instruction helps me break down a skill so that my whole class can understand and build on it."

Shannon Melton
Gwinnett County Public Schools

"Classworks has been a rejuventating resource for our administrators, teachers, and students from the initial training and throughout the screening process to the Individualized Learning Paths, user-friendly reports, and progress monitoring tools. Classworks has provided our teachers with a variety of resources to meet the learning needs of ALL students!"

Elisabeth Davis
Eufala City Schools

"Classworks has a number of robust features that give teachers the ability to differentiate instruction for students. And, because it can be used in direct instruction as well as for remediation or enrichment, Classworks enables teachers to truly personalize instruction in their classrooms."

J. Alvin Wilbanks
Gwinnett County Public Schools

"Classworks has evolved tremendously since the first time we implemented it. We are reinvigorated by your focus on classroom resources to support teachers combined with new partnerships that enhance the individualized learning."

Dr. Freddie Williamson
Hoke County Schools

"The decision to go with Classworks as a tool to differentiate instruction and provide our teachers with a formative assessment tool has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made."

Greg Deal
Anderson County Schools

“We have received a lot of professional development about teaching to the new math standards, but I saw them come to life with Applied Mathematics. The problems are already differentiated so I don’t have to struggle to find lessons that will help all my students grasp the concept I’m teaching. In just a couple of months I have seen the confidence level of my students increase tremendously!”

Taylor Way
Houston County Schools

A History of Success

Classworks is used every year by more than one million students and hundreds of thousands of teachers. That speaks volumes! Here are more examples of how we're transforming learning in schools and districts.

Southside School District
Medium district (500-5,000 students)
ELA and Math

The educators at Southside Elementary School in Arkansas are celebrating! For the 2017 - 2019 school year, 87% of students experienced growth on their NWEA MAP Growth scores in both reading and math compared to just 50% in previous years! Southside Elementary uses Classworks to individualize learning using each student’s NWEA MAP Growth data. School Interventionist, Mrs. Alicia Ritchie, credits five key factors to the growth in scores this year.

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Chattahoochee County Middle School, GA
Small district (under 500 students)
Middle School
Reading and Math

Students at Chattahoochee County Middle School have enjoyed exceptional success in comparison to their peers in other schools throughout the area. In the fall of 2012, they became one of only two middle schools in the region named to Georgia's High Progress School Rewards list.

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Tullahoma City Schools, TN
Medium district (500-5,000 students)
Reading and Math

From 2011 to 2012, Tullahoma City Schools’ students who used Classworks achieved measurably higher gains on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Achievement Test in Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts than those students who did not use Classworks.

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Anderson County Schools, TN
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)
Reading and Math

From 2011 to 2012, Anderson County Schools’ students who used Classworks achieved measurably higher gains on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) Achievement Test in Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts than those students who did not use Classworks.

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York School District One, SC
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)

When compared to NWEA’s Mean Growth Norms, determined by comparing the RIT Scale Norm Score “Beginning-of-Year Mean” to the “End-of-Year Mean,” York intervention students who used Classworks for at least seven hours during the school year exceeded the projected growth on every grade level. Classworks Master Users, Classworks Users who maintained at least a 70% average, typically saw the most growth — in many cases doubling the NWEA Growth Norm.

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Clark County School District, NV
Extra-large district (over 50,000 students)
Reading and Math

Clark County School District began implementing Classworks in fall, 2011. The schools are utilizing both the Classworks Assessments and Classworks Instruction. The primary implementation was for 42 SLD and SEC classrooms in the district, approximately 2,000 students.

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Tuscaloosa City Schools, AL
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)
Reading and Math

Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Paul McKendrick, describes his experience with Classworks while noting the results his district has seen. After just one year with Classworks, Tuscaloosa City Schools has had student growth across the board. These results were solidifed when, for the first time in years, Tuscaloosa made AYP as a district.

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Dothan City Schools, AL
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)
Reading, ELA, and Math

Classworks implementation in Dothan City Schools began with just two elementary schools before expanding to 15 schools across the district. Classworks Summative Benchmark Assessment was used to gauge student learning relevant to content standards. In both Mathematics and Language Arts/Reading, Classworks Users and Classworks Master Users demonstrated more growth from winter 2013 to spring 2013 than Non-Users.

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Muscogee County School District, GA
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)
Middle School
ELA and Math

For the 2012-2013 school year, Muscogee County administrators worked with Classworks to identify targeted student groups at both the elementary and middle school levels using the previous year's CRCT scores. Classworks was then used as a comprehensive Response to Intervention (RtI) solution for the targeted struggling students. Improvement was demonstrated by these students on the 2013 CRCT by moving from the Did Not Meet category to either Meets or Exceeds.

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Ector County Independent School District, TX
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)
Reading and Math

ECISD has successfully integrated technology to meet the needs of students at all levels of learning. Using state-provided programs for Tier 1 and district-purchased Classworks for Tiers 2 and 3 students, ECISD has proven that multiple programs can combine to achieve success.

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Commerce City Schools, GA
Medium district (500-5,000 students)
Middle School
ELA and Math

Commerce City, together with Classworks, created a long-term plan for success in 2006. Since then, Commerce City has experienced tremendous success due to the dedication of administrators and teachers working with the Classworks team. Commerce City continues to embrace new, beneficial ways to integrate Classworks into their typical school day, maximizing their investment and success.

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He Got His Confidence Back! One Student's Classworks Story
Medium district (500-5,000 students)
Middle School
ELA and Math

“Dustin received well over a passing score, Mrs. Cavannah. He did very well!” Gail Greenway, Principal at Swainsboro Middle School, emotionally shared the news of Dustin Cavannah’s success on 2013-2014 end-of-year tests. It was the news his mother had waited a long time to hear. Dustin was a seventh grader at Swainsboro Middle School. For years he struggled with high stakes tests and had not been able to get a passing score. Mrs. Cavannah was proactive—always looking for ways to provide Dustin with additional support. But she could see that he was becoming disheartened with school overall. Then came the exciting news about the 2013-2014 test. What led to his success after so much difficulty? Read about how Classworks helped Dustin gain his confidence back.

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Kershaw County Middle Schools Show Remarkable Growth
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)
Middle School
ELA and Math

In 2014, Kershaw County, a South Carolina school district, chose Classworks as a districtwide resource to support teachers with closing achievement gaps. The district administers the NWEA MAP assessment three times per year to measure growth and determine which students need intervention. Using MAP assessment results, Classworks delivers custom reading and math lessons matched to students’ specific needs. Kershaw teachers are able to start interventions much earlier in the year, with tremendous results.

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Teamwork, Determination and Quality Instruction Lead to Success
Large district (5,000-50,000 students)
ELA and Math

Webb Elementary School was awarded the CLAS Banner School Award for growth in academic performance during the 2014 - 2015 school year. The CLAS Award recognizes schools with outstanding educational programs that demonstrate proven success during the school year. Within Houston County Schools, Webb Elementary (WES) achieved the most gains during the 2014 - 2015 school year – a remarkable achievement for a school that was named an Alabama Focus School just one year prior.

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The Research behind the Success

Instructional technology that yields clear results. See what independent publications, studies and researchers have discovered about Curriculum Advantage.

Classworks is backed by timely research conducted in diverse educational settings. This research meets the criteria for “evidence-based” as defined by ESSA, qualifying these programs for School Improvement funding.

Classworks Achievement Study 2019 | Integrated Assessments Study

A new study analyzed the performance of students using Classworks in grades one through five, from the 2018-2019 school year, on NWEA™ MAP Growth®, Scantron® Performance Series®, and Renaissance® Star® assessments. Students who used Classworks exceeded the national growth norms and outperformed their peers across grade levels, subjects, and partner assessments!

Classworks Efficacy in Elementary School | Renaissance Star

In a recent correlational study analyzing achievement differences between middle school students with and without exposure to Classworks evidence-based interventions, students using Classworks experienced significant gains on Renaissance Star reading and mathematics assessments when compared with non-users.

Classworks Efficacy Evaluation: Reading and Mathematics

In a recent study, students using Classworks® experienced substantial growth and exceeded Renaissance® Star suggested growth norms in BOTH reading and mathematics in every grade!

Evidence of Effectiveness Study Summaries

Classworks is proven effective in increasing achievement for students. Included are six efficacy studies conducted between 2004 and 2019 detailing Classworks’ impact on student achievement.

Research Basis for the Classworks Tiered Instructional Model

The Classworks Tiered Instructional Model includes instruction, interventions, and assessment for each phase of the Response to Intervention (RtI) process. Classworks combines valid assessments with a rich curriculum that can be individualized to meet the needs of every student, integrated under a single teacher interface.

Validity and Reliability of Classworks Universal Screeners

The Classworks Universal Screener measures readiness for grade-level instruction, identifies baseline learning levels, and measures growth. The assessments have been evaluated by the National Center for Response to Intervention (NCRTI), and they received the highest reliability ranking.

Student Reading Achievement on the Rise: Integration of Classworks Software with Technology

This study described the effectiveness of using Classworks as a means to increase reading achievement as a supplement to the regular reading program in a school.

The Effects of an Extended Day Math Program - "The Bobcat Club"

The purpose of this study is to explore the effect of computer-assisted instruction on the performance in math among low achieving third through fifth grade economically disadvantaged students. The primary means of intervention for this group of students was Classworks.

Technology Drives Student Success at Alternative Education Center

Anytime a school can boost its students’ performance with the use of technology tools that require no additional manpower or instruction, it’s a victory. That’s exactly what happened recently at the John T. Simpson Alternative Center for Education in Easley, SC.

Rhode Island Education Adequacy Study

Research was conducted to determine what fiscal adequacy ranges that the state of Rhode Island should consider in order to provide every child in the state with an adequate opportunity to meet high educational standards.

Design and Validity of Summative Benchmark Assessments

Classworks Summative Benchmark assessments monitor student achievement of grade-level progress during the course of the school year and assess outcomes at the conclusion of the year.

The Effects of Classworks in the Classroom

The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in the classroom. Classworks increased student achievement in math and impacted teachers’ attitude toward computer-assisted instruction.

Effective Programs in Elementary Mathematics: A Best-Evidence Synthesis

A peer review of research conducted by Johns Hopkins University. This article reviews research on the achievement outcomes of computer-assisted instruction to improve elementary mathematics.

The Instructional Design and Implementation of Classworks

A research study evaluating Classworks instructional design, conducted by Interactive Educational Systems Design (IESD), Inc., an independent educational technology consulting firm.

Assessment of the Classworks Curriculum

Research conducted by The University of Oregan Institute for the Development of Educational Achievement. Using “A Consumer’s Guide to Evaluating a Core Reading Program Grades K-3: A Critical Elements Analysis."

Classworks: A Research-Proven Solution

Sound instructional design and best practices in education are the basis for Classworks. Independent studies and curriculum reviews confirm the research-proven design underlying Classworks structure.

Shaping School A High School Reaps the Benefits of Individualized Student Support Services

Peer reviewed article published by Principal Leadership Magazine (copyright 2010 NASSP) about the effects of Classworks Individualized Learning on a Mississippi high school.

Technology in Education: Key to College and Career Readiness

Dr. DeAnna Owens, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education at the University of Memphis, provides research on the effectiveness of implementing Classworks to close the achievement gap, ensuring learning at a deeper level, and supporting teachers.

Differences in Math Achievement: Utilizing Supplemental Computer-Based Instruction and Traditional Instruction

This study investigates the impact of adaptive learning, research-based methods and sound pedagogy on mathematics achievement on Georgia’s high stakes test.

Development Rationale of Classworks Applied Mathematics

To support educators with the shifts in math teaching, Classworks developed math problem-solving activities for grades K-8. Activities are designed to build conceptual understanding and facilitate productive struggle.

Design and Structure of Classworks Integrated Reading Instruction

Classworks Integrated Reading is designed to help students reach high levels of reading, writing, and communication achievement. Read the rationale behind development of these rigorous reading activities.

Integrated Reading Effectiveness Study Overview

During the 2014-2015 school year, SEG Measurement, an independent research organization, conducted an efficacy study of the ClassworksIntegrated Reading Activities. A link to the full study is included in the overview.

Applied Mathematics Effectiveness Study 2016 Overview

In the Spring of 2016 Classworks conducted a study about the effectiveness of newly released Applied Mathematics. The data was analyzed in its entirety.