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Classworks® online intervention program helps you pinpoint learning gaps, deliver math, reading and language arts practice at the right level and gain real-time insight into student progress.

The Student experience

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There are many resources for RTI, but often they only address one or two components. Having to purchase and train teachers on multiple programs is expensive and time consuming. Classworks is the all-in-one RTI resource we needed... Now, my teachers have the data to identify which students need support, the instruction automatically individualized for the student, and progress monitoring to ensure that the intervention is working

Dr. Manika Kemp
Federal Programs Director
Clarksdale Municipal School District

"Classworks has a number of robust features that give teachers the ability to differentiate instruction for students. And, because it can be used in direct instruction as well as for remediation or enrichment, Classworks enables teachers to truly personalize instruction in their classrooms."

J. Alvin Wilbanks
Gwinnett County Public Schools

The Learning Path

Classworks uses students' test results and targeted learning paths to find and fix learning gaps. Students of all ability levels get the attention they need to build confidence and accelerate. Gain peace of mind that your students are getting exactly what they need to keep pace and grow.


Use your STAR, MAP, ACT Aspire, Performance Series, or Texas STAAR (and more) results to drive the learning path for each student. Or, use a Classworks assessment to determine what they've mastered and where they are struggling.


Based on assessment results, each student receives a tailored learning path. Lessons include direct instruction, practice activities and games, and a formative check.


Easy-to-read reports show you which skills have been mastered and which need more work. Make real-time instructional adjustments for students as needed.

Interested in seeing how Classworks can help your students grow?

Standards-Aligned Instruction

Our learning paths include instruction tightly aligned to your state standards that cover foundational
math and literacy skills.

Direct instruction

Students receive 2-3 minute segments that introduce and explain concepts.

Activities to Apply Knowledge

Students engage in purposeful practice in a variety of instructional approaches.

Interactive Games

Activities include engaging, interactive games to apply what they're learning.

Formative assessment

Confirm skill mastery with a quick formative check.

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Classworks is Your Comprehensive RTI Solution

Classworks RTI Solution includes valid assessments, a rich curriculum, progress monitoring, and powerful reports--integrated under one easy-to-use interface. Give your teachers the capacity and the resources to make interventions successful.

Classworks streamlines the RTI process giving each student the right lessons based on their assessment results. Students focus on strengthening the areas where they are struggling. Teachers have support at every tier. Learn more about Classworks for RTI.

And, they'll have fun along the way! Our standards-aligned K-8 English language arts, reading and math lessons are interactive, including a variety of instructional approaches. Students learn and practice skills in multiple ways with over 8,000 activities available on any device, at any time!

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