Comprehensive Intervention Solution

Classworks® assessment and instructional solution pinpoints learning gaps, delivers math, reading, and language arts instruction at the right level and gives you real-time insight into student progress.

Simplify RTI or MTSS in Your District

Classworks gives you one platform to support MTSS or RTI in your district. Identify struggling students, meet their individual needs with evidence-based reading and math interventions, monitor progress, and provide social-emotional and behavioral (SEB) support.

Plus, with our easy-to-understand reports and data dashboards you'll have a clear picture of progress across schools to make informed decisions, support staff, and improve student outcomes.


Classworks Reading and Math Universal Screeners for grades K-10 help you quickly identify students who are in need of extra learning support. Take immediate action with instruction matched to each student's specific needs.

Classworks assessments received the highest ratings for reliability and validity by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII).

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Reading and Math Instruction

Enable teachers to quickly take action on screener and progress monitoring data with evidence-based interventions delivered at the right level for every student.

Classworks K-10 Language arts, reading, and math lessons are engaging, giving students multiple ways to apply skills along a research-based learning progression.

The targeted lessons include direct instruction to reteach or review the skill and activities that build confidence and accelerate the path to grade-level success. Learn more.

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Students receive 2-3 minute segments that introduce and explain concepts.

Students engage in purposeful practice in a variety of instructional approaches.

Activities include engaging, interactive games to apply what they're learning.

Confirm skill mastery with a quick formative check.

Progress Monitoring

Classworks Progress Monitoring includes brief online CBM probes paired with powerful reporting to identify what is or isn’t working with a student’s intervention after only three weeks.

Gain a clear picture of progress and skill retention with automatic rate of improvement graphing.

Plus, each student's weekly data updates their learning path with any news skills. Students are always working on the most relevant reading and math lessons.

Classworks Progress Monitoring received the highest ratings for reliability and validity by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII).

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Behavior (SEB)

Classworks includes resources to support SEB competence.

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Insights & Data

Classworks reports and data dashboards provide a clear picture of progress.

View data by demographic and sub-population groups to monitor for equitable practices and disproportionality.

Easily see how your intervention program is working across the district, generate tier movement reports, benchmark reports, parent communication reports, and more.

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Less frustration. More celebration!

Progress Monitoring in Classworks was the number one reason we decided to use Classworks. It meets all the state set requirements for MTSS.... [It's] key for interventions because we want to see whether they work and whether a student needs additional support.

Shelly Sheets


McIntosh County Schools

Classworks uses MAP data to determine where students’ deficits are and where they need to start. It’s very specific and meets students exactly where they need to be!

Shelly Sheets, Director of Curriculum and Instruction


McIntosh County Schools


Use Your Existing Data to Power Learning

All students deserve to learn on an even playing field

Special educators choose Classworks’ CASE-endorsed solution time and time again.

Create and track measurable IEP goals while also delivering the specially-designed instruction students need to meet their goals.

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