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Classworks® online MTSS/RTI program pinpoints learning gaps, delivers math, reading, and language arts instruction at the right level and gives you real-time insight into student progress. Screen, intervene, and monitor using one intuitive program!


Classworks tiered intervention is the perfect solution for your school or districtwide RTI or MTSS program. The proof is in the millions of students we’ve helped to close gaps and accelerate growth. Give your teachers the capacity and the resources to make interventions successful! View our brochure.

Less frustration. More celebration!

Thank you so much! I truly enjoyed the Classworks Fall Summit and learned so much about using the program to support our Special Education students that I plan to redeliver to my teachers. I'm looking forward to what Classworks has to offer in the future. Thanks again! ☺️

Karla Simpson


Newton County Schools

I cannot thank you enough. I was ready to be snotty because usually educational support companies are difficult to get answers from. I am truly impressed with the time dedicated and personalization. Seriously, if anyone asks I will always tell them to use Classworks!

Heather M. Diamond


Gwinnett County Public Schools


How it Works

Classworks provides students with an Individualized Learning Path focused on the skills and standards they are ready to learn. How does the magic happen? Each student's learning path is automatically informed by his or her assessment data, whether that's from one of our nationally-recognized partners or our NCII-validated screener. Teachers gain peace of mind that students are working on lessons relevant to their needs–-regardless of ability level–-and are on the path to proficiency!


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The Magic Is In the Learning Path

Our learning paths include instruction tightly aligned to your state standards that cover foundational math and literacy skills. Classworks K-8 English language arts, reading, and math activities are interactive, including a variety of instructional approaches. Students learn and practice skills in multiple ways and using a variety of learning styles with activities available on any device, at any time!

Direct instruction

Students receive 2-3 minute segments that introduce and explain concepts.

Activities to Apply Knowledge

Students engage in purposeful practice in a variety of instructional approaches.

Interactive Games

Activities include engaging, interactive games to apply what they're learning.

Formative assessment

Confirm skill mastery with a quick formative check.

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Classworks Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring is an essential component of the intervention process. But, it doesn't have to be time-consuming or cumbersome. Classworks Progress Monitoring includes online, easy-to administer assessments paired with powerful reports to help you identify what is or isn't working with a student's intervention.

Gain a clear picture of progress and skill retention through their rate of improvement. Real-time scoring and reporting allow you to adjust a student's plan quickly and confidently, based on reliable data.

Classworks Progress Monitoring is validated by NCII and received high ratings for validity and reliability.

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