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Classworks® and Classbloom® provide real solutions for teaching through technology.
Turn the lessons they have to do into lessons they love to do.

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Screen, intervene, and monitor in one easy-to-use platform. Classworks approach to tiered intervention has helped millions of students turn learning gaps into tremendous growth. Our team of educators partner with you to implement an RTI or MTSS process that works for your school or district environment, because we know it's not just about the technology!



Classbloom is math instruction, revolutionary standards tracking, and a continuous communication feed between the teacher and students. Build reading stamina and deep comprehension with close reading passages. Build confidence and perseverance using differentiated math problem-solving activities. Try Classbloom -- made for teachers by teachers! 

Educators choose Classworks because it delivers results!

We are committed to building the most substantial portfolio of evidence showing the tremendous impact Classworks has on student growth!

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We integrate with the assessments you're already using!

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