Five Factors for Success: Southside School District, AR

February 20, 2019
Educators at Southside Elementary in Arkansas are celebrating something extraordinary! 

During the current school year, 87% of students showed growth on their NWEA MAP scores in reading and math, compared to just 50% in years prior.

How did they do this, you ask?

Simple! By combining the high-quality assessment of NWEA with the powerful, precise instruction of Classworks and sticking to an organized system of supports.

Whether it’s the right amount of conferencing, holding the right parties accountable, or even just the recognition of hard work, the right mix of supports can ensure a breakthrough for your district. We took a minute to get with Southside’s Interventionist, Mrs. Alicia Ritchie, to find out each of their success factors meshed together to keep their implementation running like clockwork.

Check out our story on Southside and see the system they used to drive their scores to the top.

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