Reports and Insights

Make data-driven decisions that improve outcomes. View data for individual students, school, district, and sub-population groups to monitor progress and understand how to allocate resources.

Student Ownership and Motivation

Clear and Actionable

Reports and dashboards shouldn't be complicated. Our intuitive reporting gives you confidence in your decision-making.

Whether you're a teacher tracking how well students are mastering a skill, a student setting learning goals, or an administrator monitoring progress at the class or school level, you'll have data to help.

Track and document growth, analyze performance, and make adjustments from an individual basis to a district level.

Insights Data Visualizations

Classworks Insights provide whole child data visualizations for better decision making. Easy-to-read dashboards provide a school and district level view of student progress and academic and social-emotional needs.

View data by demographic and subpopulation groups to monitor for equitable practices and disproportionality.

Insights Data Visualizations
Student Ownership and Motivation

Student Ownership and Motivation

Student goal-setting improves academic performance and motivation to achieve. With Classworks My Scores students see how they’re doing, set goals, and share results with parents. Students receive badges and awards as they hit benchmarks and achieve goals.

Student Ownership and Motivation

Our Customers Love It!

Great program! ...The graphs and range numbers provide a great visual for parents and teachers to see growth and areas of need for their students.

Liana McQueary

Russell County Schools

I truly enjoyed the Classworks Fall Summit and learned so much about using the program to support our Special Education students that I plan to redeliver to my teachers. I'm looking forward to what Classworks has to offer in the future.

Karla Simpson

Newton County Schools

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