Successfully Implement HB4545 this Fall | Accelerate Learning without Overburdening Teachers

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A year into HB4545 districts have found compliance to be labor-intensive for overworked teachers, and the anticipated results aren't reflected in students' growth. View our session to see how the Classworks platform makes implementing HB4545 simple and effective.

View this webinar so we can show you how to use our all-in-one MTSS program to meet expectations for accelerated instruction and documentation, while easing the burden for teachers.

You'll hear about: 

  • Easy-to-administer pre-assessments to identify acceleration and remediation needs
  • Using STAAR results to automatically deliver individualized, accelerated lessons
  • Effectively delivering small-group instruction already curated based on test results
  • Examples of how Texas districts have modified schedules to accommodate H4545
  • The important data and documentation that brings all of the HB4545 pieces together


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