Wittly by Classworks™

Our new AI-powered personalized learning assistant offers students differentiated instructional support. Wittly leverages large language model (LLM) technology to extend the reach of the teacher while providing personalized support to students.

Differentiated Learning at Scale

Support for Every Student at Their Interest Level

Witty delivers instruction on the skills students are learning with a high level of engagement at the student’s interest level. When students encounter a challenging concept, Wittly offers clear and concise guidance in their chosen language. Students can grasp concepts at their own pace, independently overcoming obstacles.

Differentiated Learning at Scale

Wittly is available anytime to help students think critically and problem solve without giving them the answers. Students can choose from fun and engaging reading styles, taking ownership of their learning journey.

Wittly’s immediate feedback and personalized support helps students overcome challenges and build confidence in their abilities.

Differentiated Learning at Scale
Extend the Reach of Your Teachers

Extend the Reach of Your Teachers

Trying to meet the needs of all students in a single classroom, can be overwhelming. By providing students with on-demand explanations and guidance, Wittly frees up valuable teacher time. Teachers can focus on small group instruction and provide more individualized support.

Students are empowered to get clarification and guidance from Wittly before raising their hands for the teacher’s help.

Teachers have full transparency into any student interactions with Wittly.

Safe and Responsible AI

Classworks prioritizes student privacy and safety. Wittly adheres to the following principles:

1. Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) Model: Wittly combines AI technology with human oversight from educators and engineers, ensuring responsible development and implementation.

2. Constitutional AI: Wittly utilizes Anthropic’s Claude LLM, which is trained with a focus on safety, transparency, and fairness as outlined by Anthropic’s Constitution.

3. No Open Responses: The student selects from various pre-created responses, eliminating a student’s ability to type open responses removes the risk of inappropriate conversations.

4. Student Data Privacy: Wittly uses anonymized data avoiding any collection of personally identifiable information.

5. 1EdTech TrustEd Apps assessed: Wittly by Classworks™ meets the rigorous expectations outlined in the 1Edtech Generative AI Data Rubric.

Learn more about our safe AI practices here.

Extend the Reach of Your Teachers

Our Customers Love It!

Classworks is such a wonderful addition to our curriculum! We use it for interventions, acceleration, and our tutorial program and our students LOVE it!

Kate N. Jones

DeKalb County School District

With Classworks, it has given our special education teachers confidence. They're able to discuss standards and IP meetings, which has not happened before, and they're able to utilize the reports in a way that they've never been able to utilize them before; to rewrite compliant IEPs and IEP goals.

Sarah Craft

Vidalia City Schools

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