Instruction for Reading and Math

Classworks includes over 7,000 evidence-based reading, language arts, and mathematics activities for grades K-10. The standards-aligned lessons are animated and interactive, including a variety of instructional approaches.

Activities Designed to Increase Proficiency

Individualized to Meet Students Where They Are

Within Classworks, each student has a learning path that includes reading, language arts and mathematics instruction organized along an evidence-based learning progression. Students' Individualized Learning Paths (ILPs) are composed of the exact skills they need to work on based on their screener and Progress Monitoring data.

As new data comes in, the learning path is automatically adapted. Teachers have the confidence that students are engaging with relevant activities to close learning gaps impact growth.

Already using another screener or benchmark assessment? Classworks will put that data to work, too, automatically delivering individualized instruction. View our assessment partners.

Activities Designed to Increase Proficiency

Classworks instructional units provide students with multiple ways to engage with skills in an evidence-based teachable order. The targeted lessons include direct instruction to reteach or review the skills, game-based activities and purposeful practice in a variety of instructional approaches, and a formative check for mastery.

  • Students learn to apply the skill in a variety of ways
  • The skill gets more complex throughout the lesson building students' confidence and stamina
  • Activities are engaging and game-like while teaching the student to apply the skill
  • As students work, they have digital resources, hints, and video tutorials to guide them
  • Students receive built-in feedback throughout the lessons

Plus, teachers can search by standard and assign the reading and math lessons for more intensive practice or as Specially Designed Instruction for Special Education students.

Activities Designed to Increase Proficiency
Differentiated, Teacher-Led Lessons

Differentiated, Teacher-Led Lessons

Classworks includes rigorous, standards-based Classroom Reading and Math lessons for grades K-HS. Assign specific lessons based on grade-level standards. Plus, teachers have access to the entire library of lessons to support students who need practice outside of their grade level.

The differentiated activities are perfect for teacher-led and small group intensive practice where students apply their skills to solve fun, real-world challenges. Lessons can also be printed and completed by students offline.

Plus, teachers have real-time insight into students’ work and can provide just-in-time feedback. Each lesson includes downloadable lesson plan guidance.

Learn more about Classroom Reading and Classroom Math.

Differentiated, Teacher-Led Lessons

Our Customers Love It!

I feel like my students are taking their progress monitoring more seriously now since they know they are going to see their score at the end.

Jessica Biddy

White County School System

Classworks has been incredibly beneficial. I can see how much students have and haven’t grown and where to stop and continue testing.

Erika Hatfield

Sunlight Christian Academy

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