Welcome, Parents!

This year, your child is using Classworks in their Classroom!

Helping your student become a critical thinker and an independent learner is our number one goal! What is Classworks? Classworks is online math, reading, English language arts and science instruction for students in grades K - 8. We support teachers with high-quality, field-tested instruction that helps them integrate technology into daily classroom learning. 

An Individualized Classroom for your Child

We provide the engaging and challenging lessons your student needs to master reading and math, and achieve success on the newest high-stakes tests. Classworks keeps track, automatically assigning customized instruction based on your student's assessment results. The instruction is individualized, targeting the skills your student needs to focus on in order to make learning happen. Lessons are infused with activities and games, empowering them on their level to master skills in a learning style, which works best for them.

What can you do to support learning at home with Classworks?

What can you do to support learning at home?

Teachers may assign Classworks lessons as homework. Their school should provide you with the student login information and instructions on how to complete assignments. To ensure that the device they are using meets the minimum specifications needed for Classworks, click the "Check System" link on their Classworks student login page.

Provide a quiet learning environment for your student to work on lessons. Ask them to show you any badges or trophies they've earned using their My Scores dashboard!  

How can You track a student's progresS?

Keep track of your student's progress in Classworks with the My Scores dashboard! When a student is logged into Classworks they can navigate to their My Scores dashboard to get a shareable link. This link is good for the entire year. Bookmark it to see what your child is working on and how they are performing in each subject.  

Learn more about My Scores.