Welcome, Parents!

This year, your child is using Classworks in their classroom!

his year your student is using Classworks in their classroom.  Classworks is a web-based reading and math assessment and instructional program for K-HS. Your student will use Classworks to complete Reading and Mathematics assessments. The results will help us understand what your student is ready to learn or needs to work on. Additionally, your student will work on independent reading and math instruction in Classworks. This will be in addition to their regular classroom instruction.

Personalized learning for your child

What type of assessments will my child be taking, and what do they measure?
1. The Classworks Universal Screener for Reading and Math is used to determine the specific skill strengths and areas of improvement for your child.
2. Classworks Progress Monitoring measures how well your child is responding to the interventions they are receiving.

What type of instruction will my child be completing in Classworks?
Classworks uses your student’s test results to determine exactly which skills they will benefit from working on in reading and math. Classworks has automatically assigned those skills for your child. They will have specific time set aside each week to work on their personalized instruction.

Following Your Student's Progress

Teachers may assign Classworks lessons as homework. Their school should provide you with the student login information and instructions on how to complete assignments. To ensure that your device meets the minimum specifications needed for Classworks, click the "Check System" link on their Classworks student login page. Provide a quiet learning environment for your student to work on lessons.

In addition to the parent reports we will send home, Classworks provides transparency to students about their progress right in the program. Log in to Classworks with your student to view their Universal Screener and Progress Monitoring assessment results. Select the subject you wish to view and select My Screener to view their Universal Screener results. Select My Progress to view their Progress Monitoring results. Select My Learning Path to view their instructional results and any certificates they have earned.

Here are some resources to help you support students using Classworks.
Parent tips to support students using Classworks!

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