Classbloom Reading includes activities for grades 1-8 that inspire a love for reading and build reading stamina. Advance reading, writing, critical thinking and listening skills with informational and literary passages designed to help students reach higher levels of reading achievement.

Visible Reading Comprehension

Support Close Reads

Help students develop a deep comprehension of even the most challenging texts. Classbloom Reading includes Lexile-leveled, complex literary passages that cover a variety of genres, including: folktales, fables, myths, poetry, historical fiction and fantasy. Over 60% of the passages are informational, covering: history, social studies, science and technical topics.

Sharpen students' critical thinking skills with text-dependent and constructed response questions requiring students to analyze and find evidence in the text.

Save time searching for paired passages! We've includes those, too. Foster students' ability to compare and contrast themes, topics, and genres.

Lesson Planning Resources

Each activity has built-in support resources including Lexile and Flesch-Kincaid reading levels, source listings and links for each passage, distractor rationales for incorrect answers and sample responses for open-ended questions. 

Lesson Planning Resources
Visible Reading Comprehension

Visible Reading Comprehension

Interactive tools will bring reading passages to life for your students. View their notes and highlights in the passages. Gain insight into critical thinking skills as they annotate. Help younger students build communication skills with the ability to record responses to open-ended questions and attach drawings and images, in addition to typing responses.

Visible Reading Comprehension

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There are many resources for RTI, but often they only address one or two components. Having to purchase and train teachers on multiple programs is expensive and time consuming. Classworks is the all-in-one RTI resource we needed...

Dr. Manika Kemp
Federal Programs Director
Clarksdale Municipal School District

Thank you, thank you! You guys at Classworks are seriously the best! The help I have received every time I have a problem has been far greater than anything I have experienced in the education field. I am seriously so appreciative for how helpful everyone has been. The success team ensures that teachers have no excuse not to use Classworks in their rooms. You guys rock!

Keitha Vaughn
Colleton Middle School

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