Classworks® and ACT® Aspire™ Collaborate to Individualize Learning

July 27, 2016


Classworks®, a leader in digital instruction, and ACT® Aspire™, a leader in college and career readiness assessment and learning analytics, now have a strategic alliance to make closing gaps easier for teachers. Classworks is the first instructional solution to fully integrate ACT Aspire’s assessment results, giving teachers an efficient tool to individualize learning while also reducing the testing burden in classrooms.

Dr. Elisabeth Davis, superintendent at Eufaula City Schools, expressed her excitement. “As a district with both Classworks and ACT Aspire, we’re thrilled about what the collaboration means for our schools,” says Davis. “Pairing the ACT results with Classworks instruction, our teachers now have tools to help them understand where students are struggling, where they excel, and what skills need practice. Students get what they need when they need it, giving our teachers more capacity to focus on teaching their grade level standards.”

Classworks integrates ACT Aspire’s assessment results and delivers customized lessons for students based on that data, eliminating the need for an additional assessment. Students can immediately engage in Classworks skills-based instruction matched to their needs. Teachers have the flexibility to customize the instructional path for each student.

“Together, Classworks and ACT Aspire give educators better insight into what each student needs to grow and succeed,” says Classworks President and COO, Melissa Sinunu. “Teachers have the reliability of ACT Aspire’s high-quality assessments combined with the power of Classworks online instruction to more effectively individualize student learning.”

Darice Keating, president of ACT Aspire LLC, shared her insight. "Our newly announced alliance with Classworks is an important step in our ongoing goal to support educators as they make instructional decisions based on ACT Aspire results,” says Keating.

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Classworks is an online instructional and assessment solution proven to help students become critical thinkers and independent learners. Classworks offers K­-8 math, reading, language arts, and science instruction as well as assessment and productivity tools. Classworks’ results­-driven, engaging educational solutions are built upon strong instructional pedagogy and technological innovation. For more information, please visit

About ACT® 

Aspire™ACT Aspire provides Summative, Interim, and Classroom testing solutions to help craft well-informed student pathways to college and career. ACT Aspire solutions connect student growth from grades 3-8 and early high school in the context of college and career readiness. The ACT Aspire solution is unique because it is a connected approach. ACT Aspire is anchored by the ACT®, now the leading college entrance assessment.


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