Classworks® Unveils Next-Gen Personalized Learning with AI-Powered Assistant Wittly by Classworks™

June 24, 2024


Classworks® Unveils Next-Gen Personalized Learning with AI-Powered Assistant Wittly by ClassworksTM

Differentiated Support for Students At Their Interest Level 

Classworks®, the award-winning K-12 special education and intervention platform, unveils a groundbreaking advancement in differentiated learning with the introduction of Wittly by Classworks™. The AI-powered learning assistant leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bedrock and Anthropic’s Claude large language model (LLM) to personalize learning experiences and increase teacher capacity.

Personalized Learning at Scale
Classworks has long been recognized for its ability to analyze student data and deliver evidence-based learning paths. However, addressing the diverse needs of each student within a classroom can be a challenge for teachers. Wittly tackles this challenge by providing:

  • Differentiated Instruction: Wittly uses generative AI to tailor explanations and support to each student's learning style at their interest level and preferred language. This ensures a deeper understanding of concepts and fosters independent problem-solving.
  • Increased Teacher Capacity: By providing students with on-demand explanations and guidance, Wittly frees up valuable teacher time. This allows educators to focus on small group instruction and provide more individualized support.

Safe and Responsible AI
Classworks prioritizes student privacy and safety. Wittly adheres to the following principles:

  • Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) Model: Wittly combines AI technology with human oversight from educators and engineers, ensuring responsible development and implementation.
  • Constitutional AI: Wittly utilizes Anthropic’s Claude LLM, which is trained with a focus on safety, transparency, and fairness as outlined by Anthropic’s Constitution.
  • When engaging with Wittly, the student selects from various pre-created responses to indicate whether the differentiated instruction was helpful or if they need further instruction. Eliminating a student’s ability to type open responses removes the risk of inappropriate conversations.
  • Student Data Privacy: Wittly protects student privacy by using anonymized data for training and avoiding any collection of personally identifiable information. Additionally, pre-defined student responses and teacher-managed feedback loops safeguard student interactions.

A Commitment to Educational Innovation
“We are thrilled to introduce Wittly by ClassworksTM and harness the power of AI to personalize learning for every student,” says Lindsey Cook, CEO of Classworks. “Wittly fosters a self-directed learning environment by providing differentiated instruction to students at their interest level regardless of the level of skill they are working on. This type of personalized support leads to increased teacher capacity and improved student outcomes. We are committed to using AI responsibly and ethically to ensure a safe and impactful learning experience for all.”

About Classworks
Classworks is an award-winning K-12 special education and tiered intervention platform that leverages advanced technology and comprehensive data to deliver superior personalized learning experiences. The comprehensive solution includes academic screeners, math and reading interventions, specially designed instruction, progress monitoring, and powerful data. Classworks is validated by the National Center on Intensive Intervention (NCII) and endorsed by The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE). 

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