Renaissance Announces Expanded Partnership with Classworks as part of Renaissance Growth Alliance

July 25, 2017


Best-in-class assessment and instructional providers team up to support seamless personalized learning

Renaissance®, the leader in pre-K-12 learning analytics, announces an expanded partnership with Classworks® as part of the newly formed Renaissance Growth Alliance™. The collaboration allows for a seamless connection between Renaissance and Classworks, ensuring a steady flow of actionable data, simplifying educators’ access to vital information necessary for student growth.

“Teachers are at the heart of everything we do. We focus on providing them the time and the tools to do what they do best—teach,” says Paula O’Gorman, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Renaissance. “To support this focus, we’ve formed the Renaissance Growth Alliance to enable integrated solutions between best-in-class instructional providers with Renaissance’s planning, assessment, and practice solutions to drive a holistic view of student growth and performance. We are pleased that Classworks is one of these Renaissance Growth Alliance partners.”

Classworks offers K-8 math, reading and language arts instruction and assessment. Classworks combines assessment data and targeted learning paths to find and fix learning gaps, delivering the right practice at the right time.

The time teachers save by quickly and accurately placing students is what makes Carol Artis, executive director of Curriculum & Instruction and Federal Programs for Wayne County Schools in Wayne County, North Carolina, excited about the partnership.

“Our district uses Renaissance Star 360® assessments to evaluate skill levels, monitor student progress, and guide and adjust our instructional plans,” Artis says. “We currently use Classworks in our elementary schools and several middle schools as Tier I and Tier 2 MTSS instruction, providing individualized instruction for each student based on Star assessment results.

The Renaissance Growth Alliance partnership means students’ Star assessment results will automatically place and drive Classworks instruction based on what our students know and what they’re ready to learn. We look forward to seeing continued improvement in learning outcomes and student growth with these powerful assessment and instructional solutions working closely together.”

Teachers no longer need to spend time placing students in Classworks learning paths—instead, learning paths based on Star 360 assessment data are automatically generated and available to students when they log into Classworks. This gives time back to teachers so more of it can be focused on instruction, progress monitoring, and personalization.

The two companies have worked together since 2015, when they first announced a strategic partnership to support teachers by implementing a personalized learning solution that reduced the testing burden in classrooms. Their partnership will be further advanced through the Renaissance Growth Alliance, which connects assessment, instruction, and the needed data and insight to further optimize teachers’ time and attention.

“Renaissance is a valuable partner because they deliver adaptive and precise assessments that work seamlessly with Classworks,” said Melissa Sinunu, president and COO of Curriculum Advantage, provider of Classworks. “We believe that by elevating our relationship through the Renaissance Growth Alliance we will provide teachers with granular student data and precise instruction materials to improve learning outcomes.”

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