Walton County School District Announces Local CCRPI Scores for Walton County schools

December 8, 2016


Walton County School District gave the 2016 College and Career Ready Performance Index scores for local schools following a release by the Georgia Department of Education of all the scores for the state. According to a press release from WCSD, the overall scores for Walton County’s elementary, middle and high schools surpassed the state scores.

“We are proud that Walton County continues to exceed the state CCRPI score across all three levels,” Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Rusty Linder said in the press release. “We will continue to evaluate our scores and progress from year to year, both at the district level and individual school level, to make improvements and continue in our pursuit of excellence.”

Individually, however, Harmony, Monroe and Walker Park Elementary, Carver Middle and Monroe Area High School are below the state average.

CCRPI is an accountability system, implemented in 2012, that replaces the No Child Left Behind Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) measurement. The 100-point scale reportedly helps parents and the public have a better understanding of how schools are performing than the previous pass/fail system of AYP.

Walton County School District results are as follows:

Schools 2016 Scores:

Atha Road Elementary 81.4

Bay Creek Elementary 85.3

Harmony Elementary 58.1

Loganville Elementary 79.1

Monroe Elementary 59.8

Sharon Elementary 77.8

Walker Park Elementary 71.6

Walnut Grove Elementary 74.1

Youth Elementary 92.6

Carver Middle 61.4

Loganville Middle 80.9

Youth Middle 81.9

Loganville High 84.4

Monroe Area High 68.3

Walnut Grove High 76.1

WCSD Elementary 76.5

WCSD Middle 73.2

WCSD High 76.1

Georgia Elementary 71.7

Georgia Middle 71.5

Georgia High 75.7

Georgia Overall 73.6

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