Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 2024

May 20, 2024

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked teachers to nominate a colleague to receive well-deserved recognition during this special week.

This year, we received a record-breaking +200 nominations. Read on as we highlight the winners of our Teacher Appreciation Week contest. 

  • Sara Howell, Librarian and Spanish Teacher, Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX
    Nominated by colleague, Shannon Donoghue 

    Mrs. Howell actively promotes reading among our students. She is a role model in reading and leads with her challenge initiatives. Storytime with Mrs. Howell is one of the best parts of all our students' weeks. They love listening to her read a story as she makes them come to life. She is a pillar in our community who is seen helping those in need whenever she gets the chance.
  • Lavetta Lee, 5th Grade ELA Teacher, Robert H. Harvey Elementary/Dougherty County, GA
    Nominated by colleague, Tyler Ward

    Mrs. Lee, a dedicated 5th-grade ELA teacher, exemplifies exceptional leadership within our school community. She actively contributes to curriculum development, ensuring the ELA curriculum is engaging, rigorous, and aligned with educational standards. Mrs. Lee inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn through her implementation of project-based learning initiatives in the classroom.
  • Laura Coffin, Reading Specialist, Lake Placid Elementary School, NY
    Nominated by colleague, Wendy Fox

    Laura has worked hard to bring the Science of Reading to our school and has done an excellent job training and implementing the program across all grade levels. She also goes above and beyond to facilitate the summer reading program by securing grants and funds for book shopping day. This day allows each student to pick out 5 or more brand-new books to keep for summer reading. It is students' favorite day of the year!
  • Richard Luangco, Math Teacher, Public Schools of Robeson County, NC
    Nominated by colleague, Ebony Williams

    Mr. Luangco displays a vivid passion for the academic success of his students, other students, and teachers. His day starts early and ends late as he utilizes the extra hours to ensure that all students receive the optimal resources available to assist with learning. His efforts create a diverse learning environment and allow each student the opportunity to grow exponentially.
  • Keondre Jones, Math Teacher,  Wilkinson County School District, GA
    Nominated by colleague, Tradamius Coats

    Mr. Jones is a dedicated and hardworking educator. Students are constantly engaged in class activities. You can physically see students reiterate the work that is being presented to them. When you hear students brag about learning math, the teacher must be doing something right.

Thank you to all of our teachers for bettering the lives of your students and their futures! Classworks is proud to stand by these outstanding teachers and continue to support you in your inspiring journeys.

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