Summer Learning with Classworks

June 11, 2024

We know the importance of helping students to avoid the summer slide. While you are working on finishing the year strong, now is the time to start laying out the groundwork for successful summer learning. If you’re a Classworks customer, you already have access to an easy-to-use, comprehensive summer learning program! Use Classworks to help close learning gaps, retain key skills, or gain exposure to next year’s skills. 

Here are some ideas for maximizing learning for students this summer. 

Realistic Expectations

With so many distractions during the summer months, being realistic with expectations is essential. We suggest pinpointing what is reasonable for students to accomplish during the summer months. Work with the support team and caregivers to determine what can and should be focused on. If possible, have students take a spring or summer screener to update their present level of performance and individualized learning paths.

Classroom Learning

Classworks lets summer learning be flexible. The options are endless: Classroom reading and math practice, individualized interventions, activities to introduce next year’s skills, and hands-on enrichment projects. Students adjust well by using a program that’s already a well-oiled machine, making the transition from the school year to the summer seamless. 

Even though there is flexibility, carve out a clear path for students to meet determined expectations. Classworks created the Summer Essential Standards as a guide to select the right fit of resources. If you are unsure of where to start, we provide support with setting up your summer program and training for teachers. Chat with us on the right of your screen for how we can help your team!

At Home

One way to ensure students get the help they need is by offering lessons to work on at home. Take advantage of Classworks’ offline projects, which are project-based performance tasks that deepen students’ understanding of various skills. Choose the relevant math and reading activities and print a packet to send home. 

Continuing to work with your Classworks students during the summer will help ensure a smoother transition into the new school year. For more tips for summer learning, see our resources

Classworks for Summer Learning

We'd love to chat about customizing a summer learning program to meet your needs. Chat with us on the bottom right of your screen or email us at

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