Sample Insights and Reports

Data that's easy to understand is the key to better decision-making.

Universal Screener Results: RTI Recommendations

Analyze results for grade-level readiness. Identify students for potential intervention. Determine movement across tiers.

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Social-Emotional Insights Dashboard

View SEL competency data across school, district, demographic, or sub-population groups.

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Social-Emotional Survey Grouping Report

Measure students' development of CASEL's SEL core competencies.

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Insights Assessment Dashboard

District or school snapshot of assessment data by administration, tier placement, and sub-population.

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Progress Monitoring Results - Curriculum Sampling

View comprehensive progress monitoring data on each student including rate of improvement, notes, and skill-specific progress.

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Insights Progress Monitoring

At-a-glance view of both Global Indicators and Curriculum Sampling Progress Monitoring across the school and district.

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Insights Individualized Learning Dashboard

View utilization and student performance at-a-glance across the district.

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Universal Screener: Grouping Report

View groups of students by cut scores in key strands.

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