Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2, 2022

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked teachers to nominate a colleague to receive some special recognition during this well-deserved week.

We all know that teachers deserve way more than a week of praise, but this year is significant to recognize, evident by the record-breaking nominations we received.

While we wish we could highlight every teacher out there, let’s take a moment to spotlight the standing ovation-worthy winning teachers.

  1. Kristi Houston
    3rd Grade Teacher l Cumberland Valley School District, PA
    Nominated by Kristen Richey

    "Kristi helps lead her team through organization and is willing to try new ideas. She keeps everyone on task when special events and significant deadlines are approaching. She teaches her students by helping them focus on their future. Kristi has many students who like their strengths and build on them. Bonus! She loves to make learning fun with Water Bottle Wednesdays, Flashlight Fridays, STEM days, and more!"
  2. Lauren Ferebee
    8th Grade Teacher l Pamlico County, NC

    "Lauren is the true definition of a lifelong learner! She is relatable to her students, a fantastic teammate, and strives to make our school a better place for students and staff. She takes the time to learn about her students' character, but she also shares relatable information about herself and makes her classroom an inviting place."
  3. Harry Holt
    7th Grade Science Teacher l Robeson County, NC
    Nominated by Katharine Charles

    "Mr. Holt exceeds the five qualities of a great and effective leader:

    1. They are self-aware and prioritize personal development.
    2. They focus on developing others. 
    3. They encourage strategic thinking, innovation, and action
    4. They are ethical and civic-minded.
    5. They practice effective cross-cultural communication.

    Mr. Holt's leadership is one of the greatest I've ever seen. He is a true team player at Saint Pauls's Middle School and can influence others and guide our school. His responsibility to build and maintain employee and student morale are unparalleled. 

    Mr. Holt always encourages students to do their very best in everything. He is a former military Dad and inspires everyone he encounters by giving100 percent in all that he does, and I am honored to be a part of his team."
  4. Angelo Paschall
    RTI Interventionist l Ware County Schools, GA
    Nominated by Dr. Shawn Benefield

    "Mrs. Angie Paschall has been a great asset to Ware County Middle School. She has maintained a positive and determined attitude in our Response to Intervention program. Students are given incentives to meet their goals by Mrs. Pachall. She readily accepted the challenge when we needed someone to be over our Gator All-Star Academy. She has been a very active member of our Saturday Enrichment Program and recruiting colleagues for summer school. During this time, she has bonded with several students to ensure that they can meet their academic and behavior goals. At times, she has to correct their misbehavior or lack of effort, all done in a manner that motivates the students to work towards achieving success. Mrs. Paschall works with community members to ensure our students have hygiene bags, clothes, and other necessities. These are just a few things that Mrs. Paschall has done with dedication, an infectious laugh, and a smile at Ware Middle School this school year."
  5. Grace Cantrell
    Special Education l Piedmont City School District, AL
    Nominated by Magan Glover

    "Mrs. Cantrell is our only special education teacher in our school, and she works tirelessly to help teachers meet the needs of students in all classes. Her classes included students at various proficiency levels where she creates, monitors, tracks, and remediates students on different standards using Classworks ILPs for math and language."
  6. Gwendolyn Rodriguez
    4th Grade Teacher l Hoboken School District, NJ
    Nominated by Juliana Addi

    "Ms. Gwen Rodriguez inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities. She builds relationships with her students and provides lot of encouragement.  Her students trust her and she holds them accountable when she sets the bar high."

Thank you to all of our excellent teachers for bettering the lives of your students and their futures! Classworks is proud to stand by such outstanding teachers and continue to support you in your incredible journeys. To find out more about Classworks, chat with us on the bottom right of your screen.

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