Customer Spotlight: Determined Teachers, Quality Instruction = Success!

February 20, 2019

“Classworks has had an important role in closing achievement gaps. Webb Elementary has been able to increase student achievement and ACT Aspire test scores over the past three years! ...Giving our teachers access to quality digital instruction has helped tremendously.”  Carol Wells, Webb Elementary Instructional Coach

Webb Elementary (WES) achieved the most gains in their district during the 2014 - 2015 school year. A remarkable achievement for a school that was named an Alabama Focus School just one year prior! WES was also awarded the CLAS Banner School Award for growth in academic performance! The award recognizes schools with outstanding educational programs that demonstrate proven success. 

WES shares how the commitment of their educators paired with quality resources lead to success. 

The Plan

“First, all students are given a Classworks assessment to find areas of weakness. Then, we use Classworks instruction to strengthen the specific skills,” explains Carol Wells, Webb Elementary instructional coach. 

All students at WES work on Classworks at least one class period each week. Students with skill deficits are given additional class time to work in Classworks. “The right students receiving the right amount and type of instruction is crucial. Classworks takes out the guesswork because it uses their individual data to give them exactly what they need.” 

Success! Spring 2015 Test Scores

All students with greater than three hours of time-on-task in Classworks improved their spring reading and math test scores!


  • Math scores improved 36%! 
  • 56% of students scored on or above grade level in the spring compared to 20% in the fall.


  • Reading scores improved by 33%!
  • 58% of students scored on or above grade level in the spring compared to 25% in the fall. 

Success! ACT Aspire

“Once we saw the progress made on the spring assessment we were confident this would translate to the 2014 - 2015 ACT Aspire scores,” says Principal Marsha Shelley. “ We were happy to be right!” 

Houston County School District and Webb Elementary experienced growth on their ACT Aspire scores when compared to the prior year, despite the fact that the state of Alabama fell flat.

“Classworks is woven into the fabric of our district now. We are able to successfully intervene for students in need of additional support and provide enrichment to those who master the necessary grade-level skills. It works!" 
Cas Haddock, District Assessment Coordinator, Houston County Schools

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