Create An Optimal Learning Environment for Each Student!

February 20, 2019

When we individualize learning for students we focus on the needs of one student at a time. When we differentiate learning the focus shifts to the needs of groups of students. This includes looking at content, process, product, and environment. Both are essential to creating an environment for optimal learning. 

How can Classworks help? 
  1. Group! If you are assessing students using Classworks assessments, our Individualized Learning Report looks at the students in your class and groups students within each strand and level. Flexible grouping allows you to adjust groups based on the skills you are teaching. Or, use your own assessment grouping reports (eg: Renaissance STAR 360 Instructional Planning Report
  2. Give each student exactly what they need! When you are ready to individualize, Classworks provides a learning path for each student to work on independently and at their own pace. 
  3. Set Goals! Students have a My Scores! dashboard to monitor their success. Teachers and students work together to set goals, monitor time-on-task and adjust assignments based on student interest, need, and performance. This helps create a learning environment where the teacher, student, and technology work as a team!
Use conferencing to build a collaborative individualized learning environment:
  1. Build regularly scheduled conference times to talk with students about their Classworks data. Each conference should take only a few minutes. Other students could be in small groups or centers. 
  2. During the conference, use the Individualized Learning tab in Classworks to look at student scores, launch activities for review with the student, and reassign instruction as necessary. Make sure to engage the student. Ask them if the scores are reflective of what they are learning. Can they do better? What would they like to do differently? How could they improve? Should they move onto more challenging instruction or move back to review skills? Hear from a teacher! 
  3. Use the My Scores! Student dashboard to work with students to set goals. This dashboard can help students monitor usage and mastery. Students can also access the badges and incentives they have earned. Discussing these and setting goals for next steps will heighten student engagement for a truly collaborative learning environment. 

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