Teach Paired Passages Using Your iPads, Chromebooks, or Other Devices

May 18, 2018

Paired passages on state assessments are here to stay. The ability to comprehend and compare texts can be tricky, even for advanced readers. It’s a good thing you have the digital tools you need to effectively teach paired passages! Use Classbloom Reading paired passages. Sample Lesson Plan

Appealing, High-Interest Topics

To engage students from the start, you have passages available from a variety of genres. Support your grade level standards with a selection of informational topics and literary passages.

Text Dependent Questions

These are key to helping students achieve deep reading comprehension. Questions address multiple reading standards. Distractor rationales are included to provide insight into student thinking. 

Let’s get started! 
  • Choose a reading paired passage that supports your lesson plan. Try this 7th-grade lesson plan or modify to fit your grade level.
  • Work on having students understand the first passage. Spend a few days reading, annotating (use the digital tools!), and understanding the passage. Assess their understanding using the text dependent questions. 
  • When students are ready, move on to the second passage. Read, discuss, annotate, and answer the questions. 
  • Now you’re ready for the paired passages! Assign the paired passages and analyze the connections between the two texts using the text dependent questions. 
  • After discussion, your students are ready to answer the paired questions.

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