What's Your School Closing Action Plan?

May 23, 2023

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Whether it’s flu season or wintery weather, there are many factors outside our control that play into student absenteeism. In some instances, students might be kept home for days at a time and away from their classrooms. Luckily, you can breathe easy knowing that an engaging learning environment is readily available for students wherever they may be.

Classworks is already used for virtual summer schools and for hospital and home-bound students across the country. When districts announce school closures and students are unable to receive regular instruction, Classworks offers a step-by-step plan for remote learning that keeps students engaged from the comfort of their homes. 

There are four things to keep in mind when preparing a plan that works for everyone:

Action plan for teachers

When schools close unexpectedly, it’s important for you to have a list of practical steps in place to make the day meaningful for students. This means knowing which assignments to plan, which reports to run, and how to set expectations for students during their absence. With Classworks’ data dashboard, you can monitor your students’ activities daily to ensure that they are mastering the skills necessary by test time. 

It’s also important to loop parents in on the conversation and make them aware of the goals and expectations of students for the week via email or texts.

Effective Instruction for Students 

Just like at school, students benefit from working on a variety of instruction from home -- and with Classworks, they can. Students can work on filling learning gaps with individualized instruction while you can keep your students’ momentum moving forward with rigorous, on-grade level lesson plans. Classroom reading and math activities help to reinforce state standards and also offer a nice change of pace from individualized learning. For students in tiers two and three, administer progress monitoring probes to track how students are responding to their interventions.

Reports, Grades, and Documentation 

With students being out of the classroom, you want a way to stay on top of their daily grades. You can use Classroom Reading and Math activity scores as daily grades for subjects. Scores are visible as soon as students complete them. Reminder - these include open-ended questions so teachers should allocate 30-minutes, two times per week to review and grade. Plan which reports you’ll run each week to track student progress and grades.

Student expectations, engagement, and mastery

When students aren’t physically inside the classroom, it can be tough to ensure they are staying engaged and on task. Provide expectations for students that can help guide them toward year-end goals. As a teacher, you can also create and share a schedule for parents to follow to help guide students through their student’s day.

By incorporating Classworks into your action plan, you keep students engaged in their learning while they are away from the classroom. Parents can easily monitor students and ensure they stay on task using the My Scores page to keep track of their progress. The real-time data dashboard helps you keep a pulse on your students’ momentum towards year-end goals. There is no need for students to stop their momentum during unexpected absences. Implementing a plan using an instructional resource like Classworks ensures that they keep pace and grow!

To get started building your continuity plan, email us at hello@classworks.com.

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