Progress Monitoring

Gain a clear picture of progress and skill retention with Classworks Progress Monitoring. Easily track progress on IEP goals and identify what is or isn't working with students' intervention.

Valid & Reliable Monitoring for Grades 1-8

Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) Probes

Classworks Progress Monitoring uses the evidence-based method of Curriculum-Based Measurement to track students' progress towards academic goals.

With one click, students receive a short probe each week (15 minutes or less) to determine progress on identified skills.

Classworks automatically graphs Rate of Improvement and provides an accurate prediction of student growth and performance. No more manual progress tracking!

Valid & Reliable Monitoring for Grades 1-8

About Classworks Progress Monitoring:

  • Reading and Mathematics, grades 1-8
  • Validated by the National Center On Intensive Intervention (NCII)
  • Monitors progress over time with weekly short probes
  • Curriculum independent
  • Includes multiple parallel forms
  • Automatically graphs rate of improvement
  • Provides trend data to predict student performance
Valid & Reliable Monitoring for Grades 1-8
Document Progress Towards Goals

Document Progress Towards Goals

Classworks Progress Monitoring automatically documents progress on the specific skills and objectives in students' academic IEPs. Teachers have detailed documentation to measure progress towards goals and share with parents. View sample report.

Data-Informed Reading and Math Instruction

After students take their weekly Progress Monitoring probes, Classworks uses the resulting data to automatically assign relevant reading and math activities. Each student has an individualized learning path with the skills identified by their assessments as ready to learn or needs work. You can be confident that each student is working on activities to help them close learning gaps or make progress on their IEP goals.

Document Progress Towards Goals

Our Customers Love It!

With Classworks, it has given our special education teachers confidence. They're able to discuss standards and IP meetings, which has not happened before, and they're able to utilize the reports in a way that they've never been able to utilize them before; to rewrite compliant IEPs and IEP goals.

Sarah Craft

Vidalia City Schools

Classworks is a one-stop shop for your IEP development because it helps us not only develop the goals but also Progress Monitor the goal. It helps us to determine whether or not that goal is appropriate and is on target for being met.

Toby James

Caldwell County Schools Questions

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